Niggas be like just woke up lol
  • wakaflockaNiggas be like just woke up lol

  • red604_This nigga Got Smelly nigger breath
  • vivalavjoyI'm sure u get so many comments per second & won't read this but something told me to send my condolences to you & Ur family. There have been so many hateful & digesting comments I wanted the good to outweigh the bad.
  • blaznhunniYummy.
  • cjedwardzzz@millz_got_the_juice
  • ronan_ny@mathh90 BridgeSquad, Ohh yea Waka! Get IT
  • ivaj1
  • jmariephotochiStill sexy
  • glotwinarshaun@wakaflockabsm I wanna meet u one day im yo biggest fan keep it trill u a role model to me
  • butta_kreemFineaf
  • 3sicoutureThem lips tho !!!!! @wakaflockabsm
  • admiiremeThose lips tho!!
  • _misshaze6am in jersey i just woke up from a dream where i met you i hugged you asked if you were ok and told you to keep your head up we spoke for a sec about kayo and tammy next thing i know im talking to kayo i asked how he passed we spoke and chilled and laughed for a while it was weird and not personally knowing you or him i woke up out of that dream with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart keep your head up god bless you
  • illzdapuffmamiFlaka I love you :) can I smoke you out?:) im in La:)
  • chiefyarneThey mad cause a young nigga took off
  • wait_a_fewFb
  • chase_canaliFLOCKA @kaelenkrumich
  • avril457Very nice pic
  • mohxliYour lips are everythinggggg 😍❤️
  • maddy.b.officialSuch a beautiful man!!!! And the fact that your gorgeous is just a plus!!!
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