S/O @beyonce on the record breaking #'s for her album! Crazy. Wish I had a daughter to jam to it with me right now! Lol.
  • kingjamesS/O @beyonce on the record breaking #'s for her album! Crazy. Wish I had a daughter to jam to it with me right now! Lol.

  • yssapirunderscore10Hay king James
  • badpennyclothingla@kingjames can we send u some tops or joggers. Company from the Midwest making a lot of noise right now
  • hamoody_as_u_seeYouTube theo Shakur
  • sh3_inspires_kindnessNice
  • coolboy_95Cool
  • kevin.linnYou stink at basketball
  • griffin_alvey21He's awesome at basketball and I'm pretty sure he's better than u
  • eis_014True
  • nycarking@kevin.linn why is the world full of nobody's like you always hating you don't even deserve the air yor breathing
  • jakereisingCleveland cleveland cleveland
  • avoiceoftheking@kingjames When people counted you out God counted you in! There will be many attacks released to hinder your Assignment to Abort your Purpose! Just like God had you covered in the past he has you covered now! Understand that whatever you come up against you are equipped to go through! Understand God favored you from Birth! Understand that God sees the Best in you! God desires to take you higher! God is disconnecting you from people that can't go where he's taking you! God is also connecting you with people who wants the best for you and beneficial for your future! Don't sleep on the Call of God on your Life! Your Family, Friends and Enemies need to see you reach your maximum potential in every area of your life! Dream in this Season! Get the Vision in this Season! Set your Goals in this Season! Pray and Speak positive words pertaining to your Life! Expect it to Manifest Quickly! Its Your Season! Your Time is Now! You are Destined for Greatness! What you touch will Prosper! God Bless!
  • baleb.catesWelcome to Cleveland @kingjames
  • princesscphYou got your wish :)
  • shot_like_a_cannonBall don't lie
  • zach_schindler27Why u go to cavs heat a great team now
  • rell_carter100Bro no matter how much they turn is your name and talk down the man up top got your back you're a humble guy your real and you're the greatest and you have people like me that noticed that forget all the haters forget all the down talk I believe in you I believe this year is yours regardless of the series being 3_2 I don't believe the golden state warriors deserve itI don't believe the golden state warriors deserve it u I seen the work you've done since day one straight out of high school I honestly see the work you put behind each and every game and the long nights of effort in the gym and on the courts practicin your gift will remain with you for an et with that gift I know you will shine the rest of your career do it for the believers do it for the people who didn't want to see you make it for the haters for everyone who downs you show them what with the word King James stand for with all that being said my brother God bless may God look upon you and help you through the rest of the series because everyone knows you're the man who deserves it the most ernity God gave you a gift Andhra
  • rell_carter100@kingjames all in God bless
  • theunofficialbennettblakethen why is your team second
  • jennnnnnnnnzU have a daughter now
  • rubenspam484929928473819Last
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