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  • zumiezWin a collection from @ethika and a $500 @zumiez GC today! Go to our Facebook page and find this image. Follow the link to enter and be today's getterest giver

  • kingpar88Zumiez also brings skateboarding, snowboarding, and the culture from both to smaller towns that don't she local shops. Without my Zumiez there would be no skate shop within 100 miles. They are expanding the sport not stealing business @lilswagdacrackdocta
  • mosesraps@kingpar88 zumiez isn't a skateshop it's a clothing shop that carries some skate stuff.
  • kingpar88It's the same shit. Zumiez brings skateboarding to smaller towns that don't have local shops. You can't blame zumiez for having a better business plan and being successful. That is just ignorant to despise a business for being successful @lilswagdacrackdocta
  • mosesraps@kingpar88 I don't despise them for being successful. I despise them for selling Diamond Supply Co to 12 year old boys in cargo shorts that call it "swag", while hiring employees that don't even fucking skate.
  • type.comb@soymarydany
  • kingpar88So you are mad at the company for who buys the product and what the customers call it? That has nothing to do with the company. And you said zumiez isn't even a skate shop so why does it matter if the employees skate? Now you are just talking out your ass @lilswagdacrackdocta
  • mosesrapsThey sell skateboards, but I don't consider them a skateshop because their employees know nothing about skating and are paid minimum wage to do shitty gripping jobs and tell kids to buy Plan B and Element skateboards. @kingpar88
  • jlmeaders@lilswagdacrackdocta not at the shop I worked at and you're right, they're not a skate shop. Zumiez is an action sports lifestyle retailer. The grip jobs I did for zumiez were good and I recommended Alien Workshop being that was my preference. People want what they want. Just because it isn't a pro deck or a top tier deck doesn't mean it isn't good. Plenty of good pros skate element and plan b. Truly don't understand your gripe because you obviously don't understand what zumiez is and who their tailored to.
  • mosesraps@jlmeaders Element and Plan B both make pro decks, lol. I'm not saying the decks aren't good, I'm saying that they're recommended because they have mainstream skaters like Bam and Sheckler.
  • stokerrobSounds like somebody lost his favourite hang out spot where he purchased nothing but was homies with the owner...
  • hummusinchainsI do a meean grip job, and i work at zumiez, and i skate, and yes fags do come in our store, but we can't kick customers out just because they have bad taste or don't suit the lifestyle. No store does that. Do you run a skateshop? Why are you mad? Most people who want skate clothing like creature, indy, fallen, vans, thrasher, flip and every other skate brand, will go somewhere else anyway.
  • hummusinchains@lilswagdacrackdocta
  • corpsewizardI'm a store manager for Zumiez and I can tell you we have employees from numerous walks of life, some who skate, but all have a passion for what they do. I grip boards like a champ and I recommend Deathwish. To each their own. We sell boards to kids who have very few other options and we sell clothes to all kinds of people. No reason to hate.
  • mosesraps@liamchell Vans? Zumiez sells so many pairs of Vans on a daily basis lol. @deadinthedrive I'm not hating, nor am I mad. I won't purchase anything from Zumiez. I went in today to give it a try and experienced sub-par customer service and don't appreciate what they do to local skate shops. You're gonna like whatever you like, so if you like Zumiez that's cool I guess, but I don't. It's dope to see that there are some skaters that work at Zumiez!
  • jayfresh_Atta kid @kingpar88
  • soymarydany@1mistercap que bonitos!
  • hummusinchainsThey we don't sell vans clothing tho, just shoes, but i'm from Canada so we have less shit. All good dude. @lilswagdacrackdocta
  • asht0nishing@druminall_day get me these every color :D lol
  • warrzacI'm getting some of the special color ones
  • m.wrenPut this on the Christmas list!
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