Tap video for sound
  • ticketmasterDOUBLE TAP if you do!

  • kerry_louise.xIts my life....
  • jonig421It's the air I breathe.
  • ticketmaster@_hotrightnow ours, too! @jonig421 ❤️ completely agree
  • par.is_Im crying right now because I missed the meet and greet like 150 other girls no one told my parents to come at 2:00 and you only sang 5 songs and left I have been crying since I figured out 10 mins after you left and through that whole concert I was pushed and hit and got stomped on by several fans and that was my first concert ever and it was the worst concert. on the ticket it said COME AT 6:00 and I came then and had to wait more than 45 mins for yall to get on stage nothing can make up for this I feel like it was a waste of my time I was so excited to meet you guys it took me days to get ready for the meet and greet and concert I didnt get to meet you like a lot of other people and my mom paid extra money for the meet and greet and this is what happened in Columbus Ohio on December 29
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