#8 The Australian Kelpie
One of the earliest registered breeds in Australia and an invaluable asset to any stockman!
  • aussiedogguy#8 The Australian Kelpie
    One of the earliest registered breeds in Australia and an invaluable asset to any stockman!

  • saffron_chihahaGood luck on your quest!
  • hiltzI have a kelpie cross! Thanks for liking my photo and I think the quest you're on is such a great idea! Best of luck with it 🍀🐶😊
  • alannareyHey cool 🌸 @aussiedogguy
  • arinhaacfMuito amor em uma foto só <33
  • daniheekesNice horse! Australian Kelpie the same as a Australian sheep dog?
  • aussiedogguyThanks :) @daniheekes sheepdogs can be kelpies, they use other breeds too or if by sheepdog you mean Aussie shepherd? If so then no, they originated from America, not sure why they are called Australian shepherds lol. we call all different breeds according to what livestock they are working, most of them are crossbreds between cattle, kelpie and collie mixes :)
  • aussiedogguyWe do however have Australian koolies! They are my favorite working dogs for cattle! Google them if you haven't heard of them! :) @daniheekes
  • daniheekesOh he looks like that but with a fluffy tail! :) beautiful dogs!!
  • billiblues@aussiedogguy - your pics are awesome haha.. Loving the kelpies though! My brother has two and I love them like my own. Smartest dogs ever! Lulu 😊
  • aussiedogguyThankyou and I agree! So eager to please! 😊 @billiblues
  • rosiefairfieldsmithJust saw you on the today show. I was hoping you hadn't got a kelpie shot yet because I have 3 adorable 5 week old kelpie pups, and their very photogenic mother that love getting their photo taken. But that's an excellent kelpie photo. Really capturing the dog in it's element. Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey 🐶😜
  • maxine.renee@nannasteffen check out this guys profile, he loves dogs n gets photos with all doggies like u want to!! :)
  • missmazziemooJust heard about you through NQAR... Was hoping you hadn't had a pic taken with a kelpie yet as my purebred little fella would have loved it!! Nice work, anyway =)
  • aussiedogguy#datm #mansbestfriend
  • amastiffnamedgrimOr this one because it combines my two greatest loves, dogs and horses. Gorgeous ❤️
  • aussiedogguyI love this pic also! This sums me up pretty well 😊 @amastiffnamedgrim
  • kara_rose_knc👌#perfection right there @aussiedogguy
  • blaireyonceI love my kelpie!
  • dustchina1987This dog looks like a wolf
  • aussiedogguy@jacquifaulkner
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