• wakaflocka#ROD

  • herriott_bulldogs@wakaflockabsm gothem official english bull dogs get this exclusive shit nothing every body else got best on east coast if they haten tellm put the dogs aginst mine #facts#check my wall
  • tiffany_xox111😘😘😘😘
  • cshirley1_2Got it goin! Looove her ! Gahh you better hold on tight because she's perfect!!! @wakaflockabsm @charliesangelll
  • sst.nBeauty ♥♥
  • ajsmommie66@sweetprophecy her name is tammi Charlie is her daughters name
  • ajsmommie66@sweetprophecy and they didn't raise a child together. Charlie is HER daughter from a previous relationship..... lol tryna put the story together you get an E for effort.
  • infrared_angelOk but did she say it was HIS child? NO!!! Smfh the nerve of some ppl.. It don't matter whose child it is if he is helping her with the child then THEY are raising a child together!
  • diamundrouffWe love you all!!! Hope everyone is keeping the positive faith and support for each other. XO to the fam<3
  • bronzegoddess90Who gives a fuck if she's mixed or not she's gorgeous! And she makes him a better man. Not every female who's mixed is cute, I'm sorry. I'm sure he was surrounded by many pretty girls but it was something more than looks that kept him with her
  • respectdismoneyLawd
  • __tpeezy__Look at Baby Tammy!!!
  • fatz3283I wish y'all haterz bk Da fuk up of my ill cuzhn and her fiancee.....IMEAN DAYUMMM what y'all made bkuz y'all NOT in his or her shoes, I mean lyke WTF..... @wakaflockabsm keep doin wateva u doin to make my ill cuzhn happii, isee y'all have ALOT of haters fukem doe, and sorry bout your loss......keep ya head up...... @charliesangelll Cuzo isee yhu have plenty haters boo, ISWEAR u alreadii knew dis shyt wuz GON cum about....but hey it isz wtf it isz.....continue to be strong cuzo,and rise above the fukery.....ILuv Y'all....
  • theyenvy_tatiTammy ♥♥♥♥
  • damnshemeanIdk her but she seems to put a smile on his face ima true fan & im glad he's happy most rappers dont show this side of them
  • ms_wetvelvetShe's ok. He chose her so she doing something right. They got married right congrats to them.
  • hipii_stix^^^^^ dis bitch hating and congratulating in the same message smdh
  • reezybabylove@fadez_n_ink exactly smh
  • ms_wetvelvet@stix_da_creative it's Mrs. Bitch to you and I wasn't hating on anybody just because I'm not jocking her like the rest of you pathetic hoes doesn't make me a hater. So go choke a on a disease dick bitch!!!!! Basic ass bitches always trying to come for somebody fall all the way bitch ass ugh make me sick.
  • benjaminfinest@_amber_al3rt
  • justinaagram@stix_da_creative right!!
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