#tbt me and buddy boy .. RIP my baby boy .. I love you so much bud
  • deenanicolemtv#tbt me and buddy boy .. RIP my baby boy .. I love you so much bud

  • soundpillow1Nooo:( im sorry honey :(((( @deenanicolemtv
  • meganw0815I'm sorry for your loss! Animals leave foot prints on our heart!
  • brooke_cheek@fie_noergaard well Google has no problem translating what your saying in Danish. Wikipedia says Danish is Denmarks official language so I'm going to assume your either lying about not understanding what I said or your lying about being from Denmark. You understood one half of it but not the other. How the hell is that when I had it translated all together? But wtf ever. I don't really care. I understand English just fine so that's really all that matters to me.
  • frogthegreatSo sorry for your loss @deenanicolemtv
  • mak_esq@deenanicolemtv you're making me cry 😔
  • carlotta.miceliNn so se mi capirai..io sono italiana e anche a me oggi se nè andato un pezzo di cuore insieme al mio cucciolo..è stato un cane stupendo il mio migliore amico..me lo ricorderò x sempre..
  • rikkewind@fie_noergaard who the hell do you think you are to have that rude behaviour. Keep your opinion to yourself, and go fix your own hair instead. Im very emberrased to see how you make it look like all of us from Denmark behave like this! I have never seen a dane act like this before, you a def one of a kind! Så luk din fede røv, og stop med at få det til at lyde som om vi alle er fucked up i hovedet.
  • demitry0095@spongebob0pants yeah yeah!!
  • fie_noergaard@lyss_xo_ @brooke_cheek @lannaaxoxo @hanna1824 @mrsgliddon @sahhhraahhgirl @rikkewind hey all, I just found my phone, on my sister's room, is it her everybody have written to, and not me, im sorry you all Think im a fuckt up girl 😞. Im not. My sister, have some problems, like you all see. Sorry im not good too ENGLISH, and im so sad, all Think it was me, and Think im ugly and fat. Im sorry, my mom talk too my sister tomorrow 😔. Love the Real Fie from denmark
  • vannesa.carta23I LOVE THAT CAT
  • christsitsoulas12Love ur hair like that
  • noetarangoDeena!!!! Ur freaken gorgouse!!!
  • candy6770The cat is so cute
  • gabbyxoxI wanna meet u so bad!! @deenanicolemtv
  • natled@jesscomm throw back??
  • nickbarrett_19Aww
  • nickbarrett_19Aww
  • carah.evanichkoAwww
  • miss.saraskywalker@deenanicolemtv. Meetball hair. ..I love this Deena
  • missreckless613love this . accept im a chicken shit to put more blonde n make it lighter :P bleach hates me.
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