Today we celebrated the groundbreaking of our new campus expansion in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a sweet treat!
  • verabradleyToday we celebrated the groundbreaking of our new campus expansion in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a sweet treat!

  • jaymocioNice
  • meghantayylorrU should make dance shorts
  • alskinkis@verabradley if my rubber phone case is only 2 weeks old and the pattern is peeling off am I able to exchange it?
  • ohsnapjoaliI think VB should make portfolio cases, for foam boards... I would buy one right away.
  • borrowbrooke@alskinkis I had the same issue and took it to a store and they exchanged it!
  • geeeamentoVera Bradley is lifetime guaranteed. If your not happy take it back and they are happy to exchange it of give in store credit :)
  • monygarcia88Sorry to say Vera Bradley is not lifetime guaranteed. We can always exchange for manufactured damage. But the lifetime of a bad is like 6 months. Normal wear is not guaranteed. But peeling of phone cases is exchangeable.
  • monygarcia88*bag
  • lauradaquila@geeeamento their definitely not lifetime guarantee! These bags are made of cotton and have natural wear and tear with a lifespan of about 6mo-1year if used everyday.. You don't expect your cotton t shirts to last a lifetime so why your vb bags?
  • dayzydayCotton tshirts don't cost near as much as Vera bags.
  • nikkieeeleeI don't know the person who said the bags are a lifetime guarantee. I had a bag for 3 months the stitching came out and the bag literally fell apart. (Not used everyday) I brought it to a local VB store. I had a receipt as well. When I asked if I could have it fixed or exchange it the lady asked if I have ever used it. I told her I used it twice and the bag fell apart. She told me she couldn't believe how disgusting I was for trying to exchange it for a new one. She also called a coworker over to see if there was anything they could do. Which was actually her telling the coworker what I wanted to do and them both telling me I was disgusting. After all that yesterday I am no longer buying from Vera Bradley. I can't believe people like that work in their stores. That's what's actually disgusting.
  • jedman626If you brought that into a store after using it only a few times and it broke that usually do something. You must of had a bad store close to you! I love Vera Bradley and have been using my current bag every day for over a year and a half and it's still great!
  • charloj98I love Vera Bradley I have all the products they have and I am about to buy next is neoprene laptop case so my mac book pro can be safe inside and also I am getting is the get carried away tote in Lili bell I can, I can use it when we are going to Las Vegas for summer this year to everything in nice and safe! 😀
  • nikkieeeleeunfortunately it's the only Actual Vera store near me. I love Vera as well and have a lot of it. As do we all 😂😂 It's a shame that the people who work at this store are so rude because it really ruins the experience. I like ordering online but nothing beats leaving the store with a bag in your hand and cute tissue paper. I do however live an hour and a half away from a VB outlet that I think I will make my go to store from now on. the girls there are great and I'll keep getting to enjoy Vera :)
  • mystie03When is the Heather collection bedding accessories going 2 be restocked on the website?!? It's so annoying not being able 2 get all the pieces!!! @verabradley
  • delaineymaxwellOn the wallets with a place for your phone and a wristlet I think there should be a holding place for Chapstick or lipgloss on the side
  • audreyxhudson💙
  • makenziebrownriggI HAVE THAT BLANKET!!!
  • hope.yoderI have that pattern as my backpack
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