My very first batch of homemade peanut butter!
  • thebrowneyedbakerMy very first batch of homemade peanut butter!

  • sweetandsaltyrunnerNice!
  • anaisalopezIt isn't the same :(
  • itsmecherylannYummy!
  • thebrowneyedbaker@anaisalopez I actually think it's better! I've been fresh-grinding it at the grocery store, and just finally made my own. So much more peanut flavor than store-bought.
  • ginnyfeltonphotoMy grandmother did it for years, as it's pretty much the only way I'll eat it!
  • unalunagirl🍴
  • anaisalopezI like the flavor, but absolutely can't stand the texture!! :( I would love to love it since is better for your health, but I just can't
  • foodiewithfamI loooooooove homemade peanut butter with a little slug of honey mixed in at the end!
  • wee_eatsYum!
  • bkgurlThis simple pic totally jarred a memory of my granny. She never bought peanut butter she just roasted peanuts and then threw them in the blender. I remember sitting at the kitchen table cracking peanut shells for roasting and getting my hands popped for eating more than I was putting in the bowl.
  • candymichelle08Wouldn't you get better, smoother results in a food processor?
  • reshash1Cant wait for the recipe to be sent :-)
  • serenabakessimplyfromscratchI just about licked the screen...Yum!
  • janepittThis looks exactly like the ground monster Luke almost falls into in Return of the Jedi. I'm a geek.
  • lindsayannbakesYum! Gonna make something fun with it?!
  • averiesunshineCONGRATS! Life changing, right! :)
  • dinky_leeMmmmm makes me want peanut butter now
  • amazinggracekyummy and very healthy
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