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  • iamjhudThank you to my fans, @Walgreens & @PeoplesChoice for this incredible honor! Learn more about @JDKGift at

  • relentlesswilma_@iamjhud, please encourage your sister to lose some weight. She is shorter than you and weighs much more than you ever did back in the day - for health reasons... I am no doctor, but I can see that she needs to lose some weight to be healthy for her height!
  • deucejimsoo... is she on weightwatchers?
  • olivercarrascowell deserved! ♥
  • ziggymarly94Congrats jennifer
  • biggredassnikkiU mf don't have shit nice 2 say y don't u stay the fuck back. She fat u ugly she can lose weight but can u lose the ugly umm not bitch get a life @310kenyangirl, fuck her @iamjhud she still beautiful
  • deemoe91Why are people so judgemental, she is sn image of God this is how God made her@kenyangirl. Most of the times when you criticize others you don't feel good about yourself. CATCH IT!
  • gq_06epI agree! get cha life!!! like really such an ugly spirit need lots of prayer!
  • shanaeecarter@310kenyangirl. I'm quite sure Jennifer did not put that pic up for you to say something bout her sister's weight. Your comment is irrelevant and you need to shut up.
  • relentlesswilma_@1unique_leo, looks like it is just you and I that SEE the obvious point here! I don't think my comment will ever be popular, and that is NOT what I was looking for, yet people get worked up. SHE does need to lose weight...well, I am no hater, IT IS JUST THE DAMN TRUTH.
  • dwagistoYou never know another woman's war/problems. When she is ready to lose weight, she will. I get appalled at other women being so judgemental on another woman's body, especially so publically. If you mean well and are genuinely concerned, send her a private message with your thoughts. Just saying.
  • lindzeheThank you! U have done so much for me and u don't even know it! Ur songs and ur story had helped me push through high school! I love u and keep doing what u are doing!
  • sf717Whoa there's Punk!
  • allthingsbrittany@suckmyballz997 that's so fucking rude of you. No matter her weight she looks gorgeous. It's ignorant people like you.
  • jerrigirlworldJennifer I see the God in you and let no one take that from you.
  • jayhov21When is your next family reunion ??
  • 2.bomb💗💓
  • artistcathaydawkinsI would like to gift you a Clutch/Handbag @iamjhud I'll send on the House! Visit my page and DM the one you love!!! I'll ship by Wednesday. !
  • shaqwhite_@suckmyballz997 you're not funny... Have you looked in the mirror... She's beautiful in Gods eyes & mines also... If you're gonna be rude then be gone! #NeverMakeFunOfAHudsonOrAnyoneElse @iamjhud You ladies look beautiful... Love you no matter the size or anything!! #YourFanForLife #1FAN Ready for that new album to come out also...
  • deycantstandlashayI miss her she was like a play mother to me wen I was younger back on Yale days n I remember her telling me my sister ova Der sitting in that black truck @iamjhud must be a blessing For A Change RIH Baby Juju is Wadd I Called Him 😘😊🙌
  • obey_zahriI knew your nephew julian...I went to school with him got on the bus with him sat next to him class and he was the best friend I ever head and I knew the rest of the others to
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