Nothing weak about this- people talk about what they don't understand.
  • candacecbureNothing weak about this- people talk about what they don't understand.

  • noddaprobbob@kayleemaek *lack of understanding and misconception and assumption
  • legacy314Being submissive isn't weak at's biblical! Good for you, @candacecbure
  • mizcleary@schmollymay new fitspo
  • themelonyFeminist need to take a seat and let a real man lead. There is nothing wrong with being a wife & mother & letting a man lead. That's what real men do. It's not setting up girls for abusive relationships it's teaching them to look for a man who wants to support them, guide them & take care of them. Feminist have ruined the world.
  • salexander746@themelony agreed!!!
  • butterflysnbeesFeminists have ruined the world?? Wow. Feminists are the reason you and I are: allowed to go to school, choose careers {or home or both}, own land, vote, etc and so forth. I am a born again, bible believing, conservative Christian - and yes, I am a feminist. I believe my 4 daughters, as well as myself & all women, have the right to equality & to be able to use their God given talents to serve Him, help others, their community.. Oh & I don't know, not be discriminated against or oppressed because of their sex.. Yes, some feminists have done damage but feminism as a whole has been necessary otherwise we might still be found homeless once our father dies and his distant cousin inherited his estate.. And so much more. Also, for women who marry and would like their husbands to be their leader and to submit, that's fine by me if it's their *choice*.. But it's not a mandate. We would all do a good thing to study scripture within culture and context. A close inspection reveals that all believers should submit unto 1 another, which would include spouses. Keep reading. Therefore I believe mutual submission to be God's way, but like I said, if you want otherwise, that's your choice and I respect it. Also, whoever said it's a man's job to financially support his wife? {btw, mine does as i am a sahm at the moment but I've also worked pt off & on over the years.} It's everyone's job to work to support themselves & contribute to house {if married} AND to give to the needy. Nothing in scripture lets women off the hook from supporting themselves and their families. If for whatever reason, a couple agrees to have the other not work, that's their choice, but IMO it's damaging to try and put all the burden of money making on a man's shoulders.. Sorry to bring up an old discussion, I was just thrown off 😳 @themelony @rsscalexander
  • spencer8381@butterflysnbees 👏👍
  • jmartini0If you are offended because she brought up submission in her book, you don't know the real meaning of it.
  • cledwar3I used to think just like you butterflysnbees until I really started reading the scripture...too bad it was too late for my marriage. I am not saying that woman should take a back seat, but in any relationship there has to be one leader not two. This does not mean that there will be no debate. Thank goodness for early feminists, but as always, some things can be taken too far. Leadership does not equal dictatorship. Candace you are truly a great role model and I thank you so much for all that you do!
  • an.eclairVery well said! @cledwar3
  • jaclynhKudos to you!!! Much love!!
  • maggie_swift_Is that really u @candacecbure ?????
  • krtaylor15You are such an inspiration to women!!! Thank you for being you!! @candacecbure
  • model_dani_nyffiNice and hard work..
  • huda_21@almooura26 عرفتيها
  • almooura26@huda_21 😱يماي تغيرت حيييل
  • huda_21@almooura26 ايي
  • _lewinski__So strong
  • thechampagnediet@taoshe
  • canders20@candacecbure peak 10? I just did peak 10 at my gym here in Claremont. That is tough stuff!!! Are you still doing it?
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