Bozak, Raymond and Lupul scored but it wasn't enough in the Leafs second straight loss
  • mapleleafsBozak, Raymond and Lupul scored but it wasn't enough in the Leafs second straight loss

  • leafs24_7Fire Carlyle.
  • leafs24_7Having No coach is better than having Carlyle
  • leafsnationBring back our leading hitter, agitator and someone who wore his heart on his sleeve. Leo Komarov!!! #bringbackleo
  • unfollow_this_now15We need a flipping sniper that can play two ways! @torontomapleleafs @torontomapleleafs @torontomapleleafs
  • jusabbJokes
  • dbbennett70@_hahfah_ That was an epic rant, dude. Props.
  • j__arnold96Fuckin embarrassment
  • 34goaliemomSo embarrassed to be living amongst a society that has no problem embarrassing themselves with the things that come out of their mouth. Let alone the spelling...
  • jakeburkey_lol u guys suck dick
  • cody_zatzmanWe'll make the playoffs though
  • cody_zatzmanWe're a pretty good team it's just sometimes they can't pull out a win
  • alexafittxoLeafs what is going on..
  • tml_superfanpageIt's always the teams that suck they lose too, they have to Win!!!
  • leafsnationSeriously, we need a solid two way third line player. Guess what, we let go of the one guy who played with his heart on his sleeve, spoke multiple languages to agitate other players, drew penalties, and was a solid penalty killer. He's the captain of his team back home. GUESS WHAT!!?? He wants to come back and play for the LEAFS once again. Please Mr. Nonis, bring back the grit and truculence!! LEO KOMOROV!!!!!!!! Cap room will be available next season for Leo. Start making the other team not want to play you!! Fight, Hit hard, forecheck, and get the puck on net. Easier said then done at times. Ladies and Gents PLEASE have FAITH the boat will come around for the buds! #bringbackleo
  • ollenordahlCome on leaves
  • adamchalmers17Haha
  • samuelcrispo13I was at that game 😂
  • sean__russellAt that game
  • davidkonyerHaha another loss
  • skullsmasher02To bad for the leafs Phil kessel is my fav player
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