Oscars! - just voted - so fun
  • jamesfrancotvOscars! - just voted - so fun

  • champagnealberto@jamesfrancotv better vote for Leonardo DiCaprio! !
  • ooooohlaeeeeeeeeeeee
  • reynisssJust watch u at iceman movie... My gosh! U are so hot!!!! Regrets from Mexico xoxoxo
  • benmitchell10I hope you voted for jlaw
  • amberlynguyenaw how cute u voted i vote for u to follow me
  • elevenfarrellyU got snubbed :( u should've got nommed for spring breakers :(
  • cassij23I'm working right now
  • cassij23At subway
  • cassij23Screw hungry people im focused on u franco
  • lu_gabriela22Vota por @jaredleto ???
  • raghad.harirplease say that u voted for Leo!! 😭❤️✨
  • lllllllllllllllllllllpppolkiuj@rorojamal Hahhaahha yesss!!! i unexpectedly met u here lol😂😂
  • raghad.harir@leonardoforever hahahahahahhahahah omg 😂😂😂😱 twensies 💝😜
  • danielle.mikajames you deserve this more than anyone else, I hope you win
  • ze_blondie_who_loves_smiles@jamesfrancotv no joke about Léo, cool! 😄 french people takes you as respectable and sexy Guy!More Frenchies should subscribe @jamesfrancotv 😘😘😘
  • benlatacoHey, James you're still one of my idols. I look up to you. I can't believe you're a writer, director and actor. My life goal/dream is to become a director. It always has been. I used to make videos with my friends. I'd film the videos and edit them. I know its tough to become a director but some day i really hope it happens. I was never good at sports but i was good at making videos and making people laugh. I love all your work! Pineapple express was my first rated R comedy I watched. It was the best movie ever I laughed so hard during it!! Dude, just remember you're a great person. We all make mistakes. You were brave to admit your mistakes on national television. That takes guts man! so just know I look up to you. I really hope you see this. @jamesfrancotv
  • jemmaslater27Follow me please🙏 @jamesfrancotv LY
  • franco_rocksCUTE
  • katherinramosquirozDiCaprio?
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