Here goes! Any theories? #RooClue 1 of 12
  • bonnarooHere goes! Any theories? #RooClue 1 of 12

  • alsaviniWashed out. They do the theme song for the show
  • burtondanielleif this has anything to do with carrie brownstein, i will have a heart attack.
  • jgthedocWashed Out, no doubt.
  • chelsorowWashed out is going to be at bonnaroo holy shit yessssss
  • kylemicky22The replacements have a song "Portland".
  • kylemicky22And they are playing Coachella this year. So pretty sure it's them.
  • patrickdombrowskiIt's it's modest mouse I'll go. If it's drake I'll never step foot on that fucking farm
  • broedameronCapital Cities?
  • jameshuey26Willow smith?
  • matt_west229The Decemberists or The Replacements. Depends on if they're referring to Portland as a band hometown or a song.
  • sasserpatrickIt's gotta be jack white or the dead weather. Jack white guest starred on portlandia and third man records uses lightning bolts in all of their products and logos. And the dead weather is working on a new album! I would shit. That would be amazing
  • kaseygdawgModest Mouse
  • rickrossi87Fucking Mogwai yo
  • jmr94tv on the radio
  • kieranmoriartyWashed Out!! Portland + TV = Portlandia intro!
  • alfonsocabronI'm gonna go with Washed Out or a Sleater-Kinney reunion... It could even be Fred Armisen and Carrie Bronwnstein doing something together.
  • badgalsurrahThis is the first #rooclue @alnh2009 , hopefully an indicator of a live Portlandia sketch!
  • kimberluvvFrank ocean?!? Channel orange?!?
  • itsyaboyyyyyyRooRadio just released this is Washed Out
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