• jessaconnollyThese are the kind of women in our church. I love them. And today, I have time set aside to WRITE about self care for women but I need to make time to actually do the self care too. 🛀 #lovedoes #gospelcommunity
  • bumberjoyOhhh how precious!!!
  • lifewith_beeOhmygoodness what a sweet friend you have!
  • hannahjoabbottThat is the best text ever. I teared up because we all need a friend like that. Hope you get a shower! ...although not sure if I will..:-)
  • lovemakesroom💗💗 beautiful!!
  • torieasomDream text.
  • yarasedOh I agree with @simplyaddcoffee :) I almost teared up for the same reason! Showers and friends like that are such a gift! Ha! 👭❤
  • faithdwightThis is the dream.
  • daughterofhisimageOh I love this. I need this so much right now. 😭
  • starsofleoProbably the best gift anyone could give a momma
  • thequickjourneySuch a blessing
  • erinnicolemI realized on January 3rd that I hadn't had a shower since New year's eve. At least you all understand! #showersareheaven #lifewithkids
  • thebroadusbunchMy husband doesn't understand how I don't have time between unpacking a new house/homeschooling 2/nursing and caring for 1 plus cooking 3 meals and cleaning up.
  • mama2aThat is a great friend
  • ashleyslThis is really, really sweet. Love practical friends!
  • ally.macewenLove! That is a great friend!
  • jessica_cady@thebroadusbunch God bless you. That was me a few years back!
  • momofaubsThat is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. I wish I had been that friend when I was still the single girl and my besties were having babies. I didn't get it. Boy do I get it now. Baby powder showers are my new thing. :)
  • ___________jules__💛💙💜💚💗
  • brookeeking😘😘
  • jaybaytxI've been praying for The Lord to bring me a friend like this…someone I can be super real with and who will love me anyway. So wonderful what you have!
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