Congratulations to #FSU on their unconquered season.  #NationalChampions
  • champssportsCongratulations to #FSU on their unconquered season. #NationalChampions

  • cash_optionAuburn should've gave the ball to mason every play at the end to burn clock
  • jacobkp10You hold them and you win
  • luccav14You jus said Would've could've Should've and now you go and put it in a sentence @cash_option
  • jdowell_9Yes they beat auburn, but honestly auburn didn't deserve to be there. I'm not dissing auburn, but honestly auburn got lucky multiple times, especially against Alabama. There are many more teams who are better than both auburn and fsu. Yes fsu won their title, but they have a weak conference, and I don't feel they'd make it in the sec. I don't feel they had a worthy opponent. I want them to play in a real conference against difficult opponents and see how they perform. I'm not saying they'd definitely lose, I'm just stating that I feel they wouldn't be nearly as successful. But fsu did win. What can I say, every once in a while the blind squirrel finds a nut. No arguments please I'm just stating my opinion
  • det.84Fsu sucks
  • thatnigganikko_Lets go FSU !!! Congratulations on your win, my Team
  • zekew04I agree completly @jacobatman99
  • dolla_boy_@jacobatman99 what? How can u say auburn didn't deserve to be there they beat good teams and frankly were a few seconds away from beating fsu lol bro they got lucky
  • cash_option@luccayo its sarcasm lol
  • zz.lavant.zzauburn suck
  • devonsoukupA loss is a loss.....would you all get over it for that's like saying Alabama could have beat auburn if they didn't screw up on the last punt..
  • devonsoukupLmfao it cracks me up....the team that goes in beaten all season and wins everything...hiesman national championship...and you still say fsu sucks...lmfao!!! You all are some dumbass hating idiots
  • devonsoukup@da_real_ctaylah dude that's like saying auburn got lucky to beat Alabama....a loss is a fuckin loss
  • devonsoukupI do agree tho Alabama should have been there instead of auburn but they lost...plain and simple
  • dolla_boy_@devonsoukup ok first of all auburn beat Alabama k they didn't get lucky the nigga ran 110 yards without even getting a hand on him also Alabama shouldn't have gone the couldn't even beat a fucking #11 team
  • zz.lavant.zzHelmet raw
  • real_greg_universe@nikko_11teen Im a Canes fan yet I can say congrats because that was a great season and a great way to finish it
  • devonsoukupMy point exactly @da_real_ctaylah lmfao so why you now makin excuses for auburn now that they are on the losing side???? Lol fsu scored with quickness and precision ...talent. Jus like Alabama lost cuz they fucked up. Plain and simple auburn got beat by fsu because fsu was a better team.
  • garrett_____brionesFuck FSU go orgen
  • __glory__boy_Its all bout the U
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