Replenishing with #electrolyses. Mnam😊 #Crazy for all in a coconut! #Coconut #Water, #Oil, #Flesh. So great to learn more about benefits from @shape_magazine.
  • pnemcovaReplenishing with #electrolyses. Mnam😊 #Crazy for all in a coconut! #Coconut #Water, #Oil, #Flesh. So great to learn more about benefits from @shape_magazine.

  • adriens_closet#gorgeous
  • renato_marziniWow
  • myfavesjournalStunning! How about more of these pics in the media… Starting with you @sexacula :)
  • cavdome@pnemcova Peti ♡
  • joelgujjarlapudi@pnemcova Back in India we are habituated to have coconut water from childhoods very much from out parents especially in summers we can't live without them . So you are fan of sweet coconut water or the other one with no taste at all 😀
  • pnemcovaI love them both. Depending on how I feel. :-) @joelgujjarlapudi
  • joelgujjarlapudi@pnemcova 😀👍
  • geoscar_fmSalud
  • legodan45Amazing stuff and sooooo delicious. My first taste was on a beach in Brasil
  • hansard2001Hi aunti p
  • van_alan7Supah Likes Petra! Cool pic!
  • coconpeople@pnemcova Nice pic, nice coconut, we are fan !! #coconpeople
  • pnemcovaOMG @harryhansard1 is on Instagram! Trouble!!! Yo...I feel old if you call me aunty! Skip that ok? ;-) 😜
  • pnemcovaGreat place to start ;-) @vulcan38
  • dominikaulbrichtPetka prid do Thajskaaaa🙏
  • legodan45@pnemcova yeah it was in Natal and fond memories as it was from a local old man who sole thing was to sell them at the side of the road for 50 centavos. We were told that he does this everyday and better and cheaper coconuts than any barzinho or beach restaurant, and we felt we were supporting the local economy and him, and kept going back to him for the 2 weeks. Always a big smile and hearty 'bom dia' when he saw us. :-)
  • pnemcovaBeautiful of you @vulcan38
  • stanislav_rumenovКрасива
  • isabellalemonYou are so incredibly stunning Petra... Always been a huge fan of yours! I remember watching a video years ago of you addressing a university in florida and thinking what an incredibly strong woman you are. Lovely to see all of the amazing things you are doing in helping those who have experienced what you did in Thailand! Sending love from Australia 😊🙏
  • anet212You are an amazing, beautiful woman and your kind heart is very inspiring! Never doubt it, stay confident and healthy! Much love xx
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