• dawnsirynbanksReceived the replacement skirt (top left) which also had effed up studding like the first one (bottom left). Wonderful. Hey @asos how about some quality control. How can I send people to shop at your site when your sending crap like this out to your loyal customers. Get it together.

  • vampirekittenOh man, that's bad.
  • aschuler0603That's bad. At that point I would stop shopping there and ask for a refund
  • c4ta774ckYea I'd shop else where after 2 fails
  • dawnsirynbanksHere's the problem ladies. As a plus size we have VERY limited options for places to shop that don't want us to dress like someone's grandmother. I've been shopping here for over a year with this being the first problem with an item/defect. They are fixing the situation right now (they contacted me) and as this is 1 out of 3 shops that make things in my style and size, I will shop here again (mostly because I don't have many options) but will let them know if they fuck up (which this post is me doing just that). @aschuler0603 @c4ta774ck
  • dawnsirynbanksWhen Hot Topic (which they kind of do, but mostly don't) and Lip Service start making full, bountiful plus size sections,, I will stop shopping at ASOS. :/ (I hate being a slave to a shop just because I know they have cool shit that will fit) Torrid USED to be the best ever for alternative plus size clothes. This is no longer the case. And it sucks because 90% of my wardrobe was bought there.
  • dawnsirynbanksOh and they're also having their warehouse look into the issue with this skirt. So things are being worked on.
  • c4ta774ckI get your point :( I have trouble finding stuff too and it's just cuz of my lower half XD
  • ladyluminousMade in China?
  • dawnsirynbanks@lumipix yup :/ bought in the UK
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