I just experienced @duncantrussell's Oculus Rift. THIS shit is going to change EVERYTHING.
  • joeroganI just experienced @duncantrussell's Oculus Rift. THIS shit is going to change EVERYTHING.

  • highermind_77You opens up the expirence
  • thevegansteven@cheltzinator ...
  • davidbaca3dThats not even the new update version with head tracking.
  • c.bone22Are you all done with what you have to do un EA Sports UFC?
  • c.bone22Un-in probably won't get an answer anway but your still a living legend in my eyes
  • c.bone22Anway-anyway. Fuck this phone!
  • johnlucapimentelWhat adventure did you go on?
  • johnylompocDid you go to cocksuckerlandia to find guest Brian Dunning...? What a mealy mouth bitch that guy was @joeroganexperience
  • 1lleniumLooks like you barfed all over your shirt
  • 4o8@thestrokz what is this thing and what should I search on YouTube? Is it a virtual reality world kind of deal?
  • drusprz@4o8 its called oculus rift, it plays games in first person virtual reality. Just type the name in on YouTube
  • roman1twoI seen it but the graphics fucking suck , joe what do you think about the google eye glasses ?
  • dabrielgegiego@1_vaz
  • og_kswMining bitcoin I see!! 😂😂 good podcast yesterday.. I've had .5 bitcoin for about 8 months & still had SOOOOO many questions. This episode answered everything for me... Spelled everything out!! I'm sending anyone with questions about bitcoin to your podcast 🙌👏
  • cole_miner11@joeroganexperience its so funny cause youre probably high as fuck. Wish i could try that out !
  • jackheroux@alex_siegert @tahree1
  • jamesforycki27@pale0dave
  • davidcorreiacfThe man!
  • sir_kushWas this the system that I heard Facebook bought out? Don't quote me on that, I haven't look that much into it, only from word of mouth.
  • p.sheaYou look like bane from batman kid! Can't wait to try that someday
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