A beautiful episode of the @duncantrussell family hour with Duncan, @ChrisRyanPhd and me
  • joeroganA beautiful episode of the @duncantrussell family hour with Duncan, @ChrisRyanPhd and me

  • codybenjaminwalkerYES! @tylerdawley
  • tylerdawleyListening tonight @codybwalker
  • kodiak_jacksmackIs that a dead tooth Organ!?
  • kodiak_jacksmackI mean Rogan!?
  • chatonsky9I want Duncan's third eye!
  • lorenthethird@bexgil
  • applesiddPowerful Trussel
  • kittylittaI have never seen Duncan without a fedora 😂
  • michellijarvisCute lol
  • jrcraig1Are u missing a tooth on the bottom.
  • mcwundabredDon't talk shit you silly bitch
  • moonkartThe bit about the broken bone was beautiful. Also, you're leaving me? I had a guy choke me for three hours tonight. Brilliant.
  • scjoekingHahaha @mcwundabred
  • erikmonzonAwsome, you guys should have a regular podcast together!
  • awakenedjenJoe when will the podcast be up?
  • henrik_lockstrom@joeroganexperience If I ever go to USA I would kill to have the opportunity to buy these guys a beer and have a long chat. Your podcast might not always be intellectually, politically, and scientifically correct. But man that shit is interesting to listen at and it broadens my perspective of different things everytime there's a new episode. There's no agenda or bullshit, always keeping it real. Keep up the amazing work. Peace and love from Sweden
  • justinorianitattoosDude you killed it in Phoenix! I wanted to stick.around and meet you but the lime was huge and I had to.head back to tucson. I might catch your NYC show as well but I'll be in Philly tattooing at a convention if my appt. Ends early I might catch a train up to see the show! Anyway great stand up! I.look forward to meeting you!
  • tom.gbsYou look like a thumb :)
  • darrinthedetailsRyan is the shit.
  • hennaflowersHEY! We're coming to see your goofy ass in Dallas in March. BRING IT! My boyfriend and I watch your show and listen to your podcast. We love it. We'd really like to meet you after the show if you have the time.
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