Tap video for sound
  • traversingtravOn my amateur August Rush with this one. Love the classic acoustic. Which I could play how I feel or what I hear most the time. #practice

  • karen_lee_casonGoing to bed now. Came back to listen again. You are so talented @traviselit . Thanks for sharing. Wish I could play like that. You need to come and play some with my Boo Girl.
  • traversingtravThanks Karen I wouldn't have discovered a love to play without you letting me borrow you guitar! Yes this next week I must come by and especially bring you back your guitar ha ha. But we need to catch up big time my friend. Miss you mucho! @pinkcamojeep
  • karen_lee_casonNo no. Keep it .... One at home? One at church? Just let pit for now. And come see us.
  • karen_lee_cason@traviselit
  • traversingtrav@pinkcamojeep gonna come see you maybe this weekend... text me your schedule.
  • karen_lee_casonI'll let you know what our weekend looks like tomorrow . I hope we can work out a visit, @traviselit !! 💗💗💗
  • traversingtravok
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