@toka_dot is brewing a little magic. What about you? #WhatsInYourCup
  • teavanatea@toka_dot is brewing a little magic. What about you? #WhatsInYourCup

  • toka_dotThanks for the shoutout @teavanatea !!! 😍☺️☺️
  • fran1opezGorgeous!!!!! 🌸🍵
  • becca_hitchWoo! How fun! 😜 @toka_dot
  • ali_mitch_08I saw this love it @samanthakatherine_
  • mrscarballo@frozencupcake81
  • johnnyschwaJust wanna let you guys know I think its ridiculous that your tea bar stops doing single cups at the Roosevelt field mall during the holiday season. I just went in and while I understand this time of year can get busy and stresful to me thats just a joke. Especially with the amount of money ive spent in your stores this past year
  • jenniferrranne@teavanatea what app was used here for the "light spots" in the photo?
  • merlotmooseNice pot. Why are you showing a pot that hasn't been sold in what, 2 years maybe? Kind of odd....
  • yenaklee@crossfitjonathan it's not just that particular mall. It's what happens at every Teavana because it's hard for baristas to keep up dozens of drink orders and keep the store inventory organized and stocked.
  • beckyandthecosmosI have this one! I have this one!! I love it!!!
  • beckyandthecosmos@jtw127
  • teavanateaHi @crossfitjonathan: Due to the increase in traffic in-store during the holidays, we've temporary stopped making cups of tea. We want to ensure quality customer care to all of our tea lovers throughout the holiday season. Bear with us. Cheers!
  • johnnyschwa@teavanatea im sure I can find a different store willing to take my money in the meantime.
  • painting_ravens@crossfitjonathan it actually can add up if you're only getting drinks at teavana stores where you're spending more money on one cup of tea whereas you could spend the same amount or only a few dollars more to get the tea itself to make at home. if you do it that way, even 2 oz of a tea can give you up to 10-15 cups. I mean, I understand your frustration but as someone who's starting to work at teavana, I also see our side of things. it's only until after Christmas, so it's not too bad of a wait in my opinion. but hey, do what you want. I'm sorry you're not happy with the store, but maybe don't completely turn it down just because of beverage service :/
  • caffeinedcourt3White chocolate peppermint for sure..its even good cold :) @teavanatea
  • glassdharmaWe use a glass straw- yes even hot tea!
  • cruzjos2@sandiicho
  • shameeraallie@shiyamkhatieb
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