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  • charlizeafricaFrom Nelson Mandela's memorial service today in Johannesburg, a day I will never forget. I feel overwhelmed with emotion and truly honored to have been a part of something so special.

  • dzeisWhere is my friend Bono? 😉😘
  • happiness_cuisine❤️💜💙💚💛💫Aloha brightest star ever light our way to a better world Peace Mandela Angel ~~~.•*!
  • grace_koppWish i could have the honor, RIP
  • bilal_cakiBe there for us also @charlizeafrica
  • reddevilsylvainRip madiba
  • rbetzphotoI'm glad you made it there! It's obvious from past posts that you, like us, respected him very much. But you actually got to meet him. How exciting that must have been! Keep up the great work!
  • cacauserranoLovely Charlize!!!
  • milanptyA day for history and eternity
  • fullmooon777Hi cha , love u
  • swiyperI couldn't imagine the world without the life and legacy of #NelsonMadela
  • drewski0672Even in the after, the honorable Madiba unites the world. Unquestionably a visionary and tolerant man. How lucky you are all indeed to celebrate his life. Genuine brilliance is seldom experienced.
  • daisyziWhat a Man.... <3 rip and merci pour tout...
  • terrinart_peterI would like to contact the foundation about donating a large 180 x 180cm painting I did of Madiba please email peta@terrinart.com to discuss
  • sharonmacgDat geloof ik 🙏echt bijzonder Char 😘
  • nativeboy1993Hello , how's outgoing Charlize? My names johnny im just an ordinary 20 year old. Don't know if you'll get this or not but worth the shot right lol. Well I do Hd Dye Infused Metal Prints out here in the San Francisco, California area. And I help artists get there image on metal for Free an sell it for them which easily doubles the price of their art. After I sell it, I give the artists the percentage that's rightfully theirs so one day they have enough they can go off and sell there own art for 100% profit. I help them they help me 😊 . Sometimes Art is all a person has , and in this world it can be a gate way to change a persons life. I would like to have a huge Art Show by next year and give 80% of what we make, donated to CTAOP! And if we do it right it can produce thousands! I hope by this to inspire others along the way to do the same! Thank you,and I hope you really give this a thought my email is jepacheco@att.net. I would like to have the feeling to really change a life an I can its in my reach. @charlizeafrica your and inspiration to a lot :)
  • ob.cam.luzRest in Peace Sir Madiba. My sincere feeling and respect Charlize Tããrnuhn. :(( BRZ
  • giorgiarapezzi❤🌹
  • datayveiacollier98Xdchj
  • alonitboniI was there in that special day with my beloved husband (that now longer in life) this memorial service was so emotional... I miss to South Africa so much , rest in peace tata madiba 🙌👑
  • mamaenaafricahello , you 're so perfect , so beautiful ...
    I am Brazilian and I live in Angola - Africa .
    already went to south africa many times and am totally in love with South Africa .
    come see my instagran @mamaenaafrica
    love you
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