Kevin Harvick records a 2014 commercial Tuesday at Outback Steakhouse.
  • stewarthaasracingKevin Harvick records a 2014 commercial Tuesday at Outback Steakhouse.

  • whimsical_creationsI soooooooooooo miss Newman already... Love Happy, just miss Newman. :D
  • hectick_beerz#happyonion
  • njdirttrackerIt's a shame they couldn't find a sponsor to keep Ryan, instead of hiring this clown.
  • davel20This Clown?? A guy who had never finished worse than 6th in the champsionship vs a guy who missed it more than made it. Plus Harvick brings big $$$ where Newman has never brought anything to a team.
  • retdsquidIs it bloomin Tuesday?
  • misstommie01Wish they would ha e stayed with ryan
  • joelewis68Totally agree with ya davel20 , Harvick brings way more to the table for sponsors then Newman
  • kansas4fanMore to the table with $$$$$ & WINS! Has finished 3rd three times out of the last 4 years! Smoke must believe in him or he wouldn't of hired him before he even had any sponsors. Love or hate Happy Harvick, the dude has put up the results on the race track!
  • mikeburrisocLook at the turnover in crew chiefs and crew that Kevin has had and to get 3 3rds is impressive as hell! I think Rodney Childers is in his element and those two and going to stir up the mix in the future!!
  • countrymike175He is bringing more to the table with this team look what Harvick did with RCR really but RCR didn't renew his contract bc RCR wanted to bring the 3 car back and put his grandson in sprint cup so it's a win for Harvick and a really big loss to RCR bc Jeff burton left too
  • soccermom_rocksYes I hope so that onion in Sandusky was just wrong @chris_kelly4
  • heathharrellHappy, Smoke, & Ears will be a heck of a team. I just hope they keep Busch keeps the wonder bread (Ricky Bobby) sponsorship at 'Dega.
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