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  • ourforeverisnever_Wait @zyon_yoga_mama @hannahbrister so is it bad Orr?
  • hannah__alaine@darnellforbes like most things, just be careful of moderation. But it's still definitely a personal choice whether you buy products that contain it. Totally not trying to be a know-it-all, that was just a big topic in a few of my classes I had to take I I just thought I would share :) that minuscule amount won't hurt ya, but still a personal choice!
  • namaste.mama@darnellforbes they are NOT good for you!! @hannahbrister I do appreciate your info Hannah but just like many other chemicals, sure a tiny percentage isn't gonna hurt you! But over time with repeated use of that chemical, you are causing it to build up in your system. And THAT is bad!! They have cut open breast rumors from breast cancer patients and found clusters of parabens INSIDE the tumors!! They have positively linked them to cancer. Many other products use other ingredients to reduce microbial growth. It is possible to do so without the use of parabens!! Also, just because you don't eat it, doesn't mean it's okay for you. Your skin absorbs what you use on it, all the way into your body, at a cellular level. And those cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, deodorants, etc. ALL contribute to the build up of these toxic chemicals in your body. Yes, each one only has a little, but when you add all those together, the amount is multiplying on a daily basis, with each product you use. Like you, I also had this topic in many of my classes as well, and got the opportunity to study these things in depth. You have to be careful of the information your receiving, because lots of it is funded by companies who use these toxic chemicals in their products for profit's sake, and don't want consumers to worry about what's in their product. so studies are slanted towards those who fund them, and they often exaggerate or completely misguide us about the "safety" of these products. We all know even products that are considered "safe" and "natural" and "FDA approved" often still contain toxic chemicals, that over time, contribute to disease and illness. That's why lots of critical thinking and outside research is important!!! Thank you for your opinion and I in no way mean this to be argumentative. Just stating my opinion in return :) and as you said, it is SO a personal choice!! I, personally, just choose not to knowingly contribute to the amount of toxic chemicals that are entering my body each day.
  • _emilydurkan_this is disgusting, it gives you HUGE rashes! do not use!!!
  • flo.rihllLove it!!!
  • mintyavocado#letthegoodtimesroll
  • theangelicabombshell@zyon_yoga_mama I read your comments and had some questions for u... if u had time... could u pls give a list of all lush products that contain the parabens... I want to invest in these cosmetics but I wasn't aware of this... or could I find this out from the store itself? Thank you....
  • namaste.mama@theangelicabombshell hey there! :) I don't have a list of product ingredients myself but i do believe they are listed in the store (or they can tell you where to find them), and i know many are also on the back of the individual lush products. Just be really diligent about reading the labels and avoid anything with methylparaben and propylparaben listed. And Thanks for asking!! I love when people care about what they are putting into their bodies! Take care mamas :)
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  • wings_aflame@zyon_yoga_mama On the website, every product detail includes the ingredients, and it will also tell you if the product does not contain sulfates and parabens. Hope that helps! :) Have a great weekend!
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  • nerdgeek12THIS SMELLS SO GOOD
  • mvkurMy favorite body lotion, smells lovely 💖
  • amaliarios325@sofiarios3 !!!!
  • emilywilliams_This smells so lovely!!!
  • arteemenNEED
  • chocfetish@ChoC fetish
  • d_dahiana@yardie7 this stuff
  • laneytomaroGvvvvvvvvty @issyboegel
  • geminiiandiThis stuff right here is the truth!!!
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