My new number this year.  Este será mi nuevo número este año.
  • cbeltran3My new number this year. Este será mi nuevo número este año.

  • deleted.87once u go yankee u never go back
  • cremanuel86Great team was but now will be better I wish u the best of the best your my fav. Player and always voy a ti no matter what vamo arriba salud, bendiciones y éxito siempre en todas tus temporadas Amen... sortija
  • bren.byrneI hate u and all of us hAte u in stl
  • chaseboy3IKR @brenball_mata_123
  • isabelllabeltranhi.
  • _.ricoooo._Viva pr Beltran u the best
  • olivia.mellenthinCarlos, I would just like to thank you for your two amazing years here in stl and I'm really sad we couldn't make a deal but I'm happy your where you wanna be! I'm know that I'm really gonna miss you and I can't speak for every one but I think that a lot of people here are gonna miss too! I know everyone is getting on to you about leaving but I think that they are just sad to see ya go! I wish you the best of luck in New York and trust me you will always be a cardinal to me... I know that your probably not going to respond or even read this for that matter but I just want you to know that even though your gone you are always welcome here anytime! I still love ya and your an amazing ball player! I'm looking forward to seeing you back and I'll be there cheering you on because even with you in that blue uniform I will always see you in a red one! I really hope that even thou that number isn't 3 you will always be remembered as the cardinal who wore the #3! I really hope you read this but if not that ok lol! Well thanks for everything!!!! ❤️😘 @cbeltran3 @cbeltran3 @cbeltran3
  • zkestersonThanks for a great 2 years. Sorry you didn't get your ring. I'll still be rooting for you even though you are a Yankee. Much love from STL @cbeltran3
  • charlie_boone21Your amazing. Period. Remember that catch you made in the WS when you robed Ortiz of a grand slam? Sick! I think the cards will regret not signing you to another contract and even though you are no longer a cardinal, I will always root for you and you will remain my idol forever. Good luck in NY though. Your forever my favorite player. I think I speak for just about every stl fan when I say I'll always remember you and look up to you. @cbeltran3 #missyou #idol
  • richard.montanaWelcome to New York man were glad to have you
  • logan.z22Why 36?
  • clayhorowitz_Welcome to the Yankees
  • dominicankid7@7pdb7 he can't be #3 thats a retire numbers in the yankees
  • anthonym310That's my number too
  • tobyruttCool.
  • dcoull4Best and favourite player alive! I'm tryin so hard to get an autograph at a blue jays game!
  • drew_steck_36That's my dads old number (Gene Stechschulte)
  • noddel33Go Yankees see u in June
  • damato_26Carlos, just remember you will ALWAYS be a legend in the Mets organization. Wish you were still here and good luck this year on the other side. God bless you 🙏
  • nick.ishThats my number 2
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