• sacramentokingsCloser Look - D-Will's Career Night #ForeverPurple

    What aspect of Derrick Williams' game have you liked the most?

  • dirkdig1#balling
  • dreams2chas3His tights
  • jatemsmithHUGE GAME
  • yl_mrwinzerGud game last note @dwillvii
  • blewis999I bet the Timberwolves are hating themselves about now.
  • closeboy98Oh gosh I know xD @blewis999
  • t_i_m_p_I bet the kings are hating themselves, and he is hating the kings. He was finally happy playing his preferred position and doing well. Then they traded for Rudy gay, so if d will is going to start it will be at the 4 spot and he'll get limited minutes at the 5
  • chase_everett_@the_loose_gentleman Derrick Williams is a 4 he won't play 5... Chill out stop judging this trade they haven't played yet...
  • braddtasticI like his attitude. Hard-working, positive, unselfish.
  • t_i_m_p_@chase_everett_ sorry didn't mean 5 was supposed to be 3. He'll play 4 but he said that was why he was upset with the T wolves, because he said they didn't give him a chance playing his preferred position. I do think this trade makes them better. But there in the west so it doesn't really make them a playoff contender. It's not a really bad trade, unless sac actually have there own 1st round pick this year, then it's pretty stupid
  • viakevinI read that they're gonna put Rudy as a stretch 4
  • spokenwiseone of those shots wasnt a three lol
  • raysmooth89Great trade like I said since it happened he has all star potiental just like alot of players we hav but some fans/people hav a hard time understanding that
  • youngisaacWe got a dope roster now fellas.
  • dreday80m8Don't forget the 5 huge steals! @sacramentokings
  • __ba916__@smitt1sosa you like that don't you
  • dmoney007You guys got a steal from Minny -Wolves fan
  • asap_grantyBest
  • jackohearnPshhhh not a long rang shooter @drew_taylor_8
  • msarkis34the kings needed this, hopefully with that starters as :thomas,mclemore,gay,williams and cousins, now thatd be a interesting squad. Lets go Kings!!!!
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