@ava_dash and I had a ball yesterday...haven't seen this dude perform in years
  • duskopoppington@ava_dash and I had a ball yesterday...haven't seen this dude perform in years

  • tyson_harlem_slabgangThat's wassup bro ! Niggas was lit on 142 fucking wit y'all !! Salute and thanks for everything y'all did for us !! From the Dirt Bike , 4 wheeler and Gear !!! Niggas was prokeds out !! #Sp #RocaWear lol Shawn A. Dame you had Capone funny ass lit to lol #Salute #Love
  • yoooslim😎😎 Dash my Taurus nigga, look at Jay chain tho
  • slicksevenThey are ride or die.they have made history, dame brought a legend for us to listen and learn from
  • slicksevenBrothers from another mother
  • slickseven@ fu
  • slickseven@duskopoppington u will always b my dude. If u didn't find jay the world would never no who he laced his shoe strings
  • slickseven@duskopoppington u are a legend. Jay workd hard to keep the empire going.but gave him the chance to touch millions of lives and heart.I love u guys.roclafamilia for life
  • y.o.n_bitchWow is that the lil girl n state property 2 "daddy daughter day" @duskopoppington
  • certifyed_finessinSucka duck puppet ass nigga niggas anit loyal to themselves so how they going be loyal jay fucked u n u still like oh haven't seen him perform in years look at u n look at me? I never made it I anit never stay loyal to a nigga fucked me out my whole career lol y'all funny af talking bout good to see u get past that fact jay z fucked ur whole life up n now u a nobody. Sold ur soul for nothing cause that's what u got a whole lot of nothing.
  • mackave11yIt's a lot hate on this picture but why... Sad to see that y'all don't do business anymore.. The rocafella era was my era.. But most things do come to an end at some point... And that's what happens when u fuk wit Brooklyn niggas #harlemsticktogether lol.. Jk... I actually think he's intimidated by you a little bit .. Not in a macho way.. But just overall.. Could b wrong sometimes ppl grow apart... Glad to see y'all do it for the love tho
  • yayoimportsBusiness is business you see best friends argue over money everyday....dicegames cards trapsales its business not personal once the count up is right and everything settles niggas back chillin....no different.They started an empire together but its impossible for two kings to run a castle....Dont mean there has to be bad blood afterall niggaz was close as fuck like big and puff like brothers...
  • lee_squarezerothats good to see.
  • randyharrell28Man all I have to say is Dame is a go getting Harlem brother like us niggaz in Houston so with that being said the pass is the pass u fall but get back up by any means so I support the dude and plus jay wouldn't be wear he at if Dame and Biggs didn't invest in him
  • lemajsmithYES!
  • gemed_gemini@triple1streetdrama
  • mrdidierthomas#history the godfather and the priest...
  • crmstydI want y'all to be tight again!! @duskopoppington
  • aboogieyadig@thegarytshow
  • watch_the@stella_rose_ruby
  • funniqchrisDame cast me in one of your dope flicks!
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