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  • theory11SPIN TO WIN. Our Holiday Contest 2013 is officially in motion. #theory11

  • theory11@cardphotographer Congrats! No substitutions on decks, sorry!
  • cardphotographerOK still a good deck ;) @theory11
  • s_darthWhy hasn't @theory11 responded to my question?
  • arrfvhbvdcbjjcddI was 1 cm away from meeting David Copperfield
  • cardphotographer@xidh it is
  • adamkerchmanBeautiful use of Instagram
  • rufuscolbyHow do I redeem my 50 elite points?
  • joshuaulicniWhy can't I play, I haven't done it yet at all.
  • billyhelms24@xidh it is on the wheel. It says A Chest Full of Medallions. The Wire Production Kit was replaced by it.
  • billyhelms24@rufuscolby @emily9753 they are automatically added to your account. On the Theory11 main page, click Elite in the top right corner. If you are logged in it will tell you your points, if not it will ask you to log in. Also, it can take up to 2 business days for the points to get added to your account.
  • billyhelms24@theory11 I have bought so much stuff to be able to spin... Lol I think I'm addicted. I've only own Elite Points. Hoping for something good though. I would really love the Copperfield Meetup but who wouldn't. If I buy something using my Elite Points, do I still get a spin?
  • kylela_I won white monarchs, will i get email about this @theory11
  • ourcityincolors@theory11 what if you won the 50 elite points without an account? After I spun, I made an account. Would the 50 points still be added to my newly made account? I used the same email address to enter the spinning and sign up for an account.
  • hervin495@theory11 where can i spin?
  • connorwalshmagicCan i use elite points to get money off products i buy if so how much will i get off?
  • scxrpixnWhat was that flourish display?
  • billyhelms24@connorwalsh98 yes. I don't know the correct ratio but I have like 2000 and it's like 10$ ish off of something. Maybe a little more.
  • connorwalshmagicThanks
  • kymctHow do I get a free spin?
  • whatwilliam@kymct just fill in your email and your name
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