Mani Monday!💅 #holidayHappy #NailArt
  • mauricesMani Monday!💅 #holidayHappy #NailArt

  • allison.frithInstead of saying "happy holidays!" Why do y'all not say "Merry Christmas"??? @maurices Remember the true reason of CHRISTmas
  • leglesspirateProbably because they realize that there is more than one holiday that portions celebrate this time of year and they don't want to leave anyone out. Stop with this crap. There are so many blind Christians who have been brainwashed to believe that there's a war on Christianity. Guess what. There's not.
  • leglesspiratePeople, not portions
  • sswanagi1@aaliboo_frith in previous years we have said Merry Christmas and had it printed on our holiday shopping bags! This year we went with #holidayhappy something like changing up the marketing a bit each holiday could never take away from the true reason for celebrating Christmas!
  • caitlinvoogtLove the mani!!
  • jsjacqueline#holidayhappy is a hashtag used to donate money to a good cause. For every #holidayhappy that they get they'll donate $1... @alliboo_frith
  • allison.frithSorry if what is said was rude.. That is so awesome that Maurice's is doing that!! @jsjacqueline!! Cool!!! @sswanagi1
  • sswanagi1No not rude at all! @alliboo_frith Just want to make sure you know that awesome things maurices has going on!
  • jsjacquelineIt wasn't rude, just filling you in. . No worries :)) @alliboo_frith
  • drod3667I like how no one says anything about the war on Christians comment, that was rude in my opinion.
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