Monday's Mantra #inspiration #style #evamendesnyc
  • nyandcompanyMonday's Mantra #inspiration #style #evamendesnyc

  • juliezabeeI don't think my store has that dress!!!! ;(
  • nyandcompany@thenamesjulz - You can ask your local store to order it for you with out Ask Us program and have it shipped to your house. It's called the Lana Sequin Dress in Pretty Pearl! Happy shopping!
  • juliezabeeWell thank you! I actually work there haha I just wish it was at the store so I could actually try it on because I'm so short 😩 But I wanted before New Years because it would actually look good for my fashion blog. I actually wanted to do a New Year's Eve dress as a fashion blog post @nyandcompany
  • thasredI wore this dress in black and gold for my one year anniversary on New Years! I love the fit and I was actually able to get it in two sizes smaller than I actually wear! I'm normally a 14 at nyandcompany but this dress fit me in a 10!
  • gretchengegenI got this dress for my wedding rehearsal dinner- so fabulous!💗
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