Randal was creepin into my selfies
  • chelseahouskaRandal was creepin into my selfies

  • paauliyalonso__The perfect family 💕💕 I love 😍
  • mallaysia._Ive Been watchin teen mom for Thee Longest!! I remember when you had Aub! And Your A Great Mother dont Let Nobody tell You That you Aint! Youve came a longg ass wayy fr!! ❤️😩😻😌🙌✊😈👏
  • singlespybattalionGotta say...your family is the absolute best part of this show @chelseahouska. Your daughter is ridiculously adorable and always puts smiles on my face 👍
  • weedbehappierhighUr dad's the best!! He's so great!
  • 11ajo11I'm so jealous of your relationship with your dad. Randy has my heart! He's got your back no matter what. Best dad ever! Will he adopt me?
  • aa.xxmOh hey pop ! You rock !!
  • kla.xx@cossitt_sara
  • mirna_almarazOmg me too I wish I had that type of relationship w my dad..
  • scarlettjane76Greatest dad ever!
  • smoreloves_uI absolutely love your Dad!! He has the same parenting style I do 😊✌️
  • shrz77You're so blessed to have a father like him. He's awesome👍👌👏
  • jayloves55You've got the best father in the universe. Love him. I get excited every single time he comes on t.v. he's such a sweetheart.
  • iloveshellz@jojo_0891
  • jojo_0891She's everything 😍 @iloveshellz
  • iloveshellz@jojo_0891 I love her! But this color would look awesome! Im going to get my hair done next week and im still debating if i want my blonde high lights
  • jojo_0891I like you blonde, you look very pretty @iloveshellz
  • 1986lauraramosU got the coolest dad ever...love him too!
  • secret1688Your very pretty! You look like awesome friend... I bet we'd be besties if u lived closer! Happy you found a great guy!💛 @chelseahouska
  • mrsrowland16@chelseahouska what is your hair color??!! Im dying to do mine
  • gypsyriss919Randilicous
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