Whoa x (2)!
  • kaskadeWhoa x (2)!

  • c_and_r412I love your music @kaskade but I'm gonna have to go with Duke Dumont on this one.
  • s.solano17Life is beautiful 😊 @kaskade Congrats! You makes us so proud 😚
  • logan_nonofficialThe gt and diplo remix of sweet nothing is better tho
  • ahhhhlx@aliciaahhh kaskade changed my life thanks to you! 😍
  • msashleyeileenLove need you!! @juiceisluice great song!!
  • electrolipstickBut I really love this a lot . 💜☝️
  • nateskywalkerHope Zedd doesn't win. He sold out. Making fun of Avicii when he did the same thing.
  • lerkidClarity is going to win since it's more commercial and it's played like the radios every damn day. I have yet to hear atmosphere yet on the radio. But hey everyone is a winner in that category.
  • bradhillary@brookiehillary
  • n0isaI'm thinking armin will win
  • gabrielcuriniAtmosphere for me is the best song @kaskade
  • g.uavaI actually don't want Kaskade to win because his tickets are already expensive enough! If he wins they are going to be 10x more expensive and sell out quickly!!
  • blackbettyblograndomly duke dumont
  • eveeelyynnnCOME TO EL PASO KASKADE!😩🙏💕
  • alexx_uchihayou are the best !
  • alexx_uchihael paso wants you back though
  • dianadreamsscongratsss you really diserve it :)
  • colleenwalkerriggsRYAN!!!! RYAN!!!!! RYAN!!!!!!! 🎶🎵You are by far the most talented artist! !! 🎶🎵 ATMOSPHERE WAS INCREDIBLE🎤🎧🎵 Calvin Harris-Ano Gaki? Ukeru yo ne! @kaskade
  • cocoa.ivybut you all know thanks to the 'simple' art of exposure, everybody and their momma is going to vote for Clarity. Clarity is fantastic just saying that many people who vote wont even give the other songs a chance..
  • agu.rosaYour the best 💞💞💞👍
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