Jonathan Bernier made 48 saves in the win over Dallas
  • mapleleafsJonathan Bernier made 48 saves in the win over Dallas

  • markarous_No more lose streak
  • poppyyhayyWhat a good trade
  • haydenphilip_Great saves last night Jonathan
  • mycrashpadIf we didn't have such key people out on injuries, we'd be in a completely different place. Enough said.
  • adrianxa1@atoth33 and you should learn to spell if you're gonna point out random things that have no bearing on the point they were trying to make
  • abc123iopYa man
  • sbroc4@gabkosziwka7 those goalies eh?
  • ksathe_17Bernier but Reimer is still boss #sorrybernier
  • mikhailov17Dope pic!
  • ahmadse82Time to ride one goalie. Bernie is the one! I like Reims but he's too sloppy.
  • stacieisfreezin@atoth33 when I said experience I meant the fact that he won a Stanley cup with LA... But if you want to get technical sure reimer** has played more games than bernier but bernier has had more of an experience in the NHL by winning a Stanley cup we cheer for the same team so you can chill the fuck out, and stop trying to be a know it all when you can even spell the goalies name 😉
  • leaffan4567888Bernier rocks he is #1 goalie for the leafs i like reimer but sloppy
  • christianmuiaReimer is number one
  • scotty_burkReimer in my opinion is the bomb when it comes to goaltending so ya
  • aidanmavrakSadly leafs will have to trade Reimer because they will have a lot of cap issues this year
  • rensworldd@amavrak they would have way more cap space if they sent ranger to the Marlies, traded Fraser, Orr & mclaren for better defence men at a reasonable price.
  • aidanmavrak@rensworldd I agree with you completely Orr and mclaren are wasted money
  • j.m_u3lThat was awesome Bernier!!!
  • goaliemarioRobbed
  • unfo.llow_______@amavrak Orr is but Maclaren isn't
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