We're in Orlando tonight hosting a holiday soirée with @instylemagazine and Chassity of @looklingerlove!  #givecompliments
  • whbmWe're in Orlando tonight hosting a holiday soirée with @instylemagazine and Chassity of @looklingerlove! #givecompliments

  • ingrid_3bsIs that the millennia store? @whbm I am a HUGE fan of WHBM, but will not shop at that location. The one time I shopped there the Manager was not friendly nor was she polite. I left with nothing other than the shoes they had on hold for me. Now Dahlia (sp?) and her staff at your Altamonte store were incredible!! So friendly and helpful. I was sad to see Dahlia leave.
  • molliemoo93@whbm wish you would have given notice! I need a new work wardrobe.
  • whbm@ingrid_3bs We're very sorry to hear about your experience at this boutique. We'd like to have our District Manager who oversees this location contact you. If you are on Facebook, we ask that you send us a private message with your black book membership number and contact information. Thank you.
  • ingrid_3bs@whbm wow! Thank you for responding. I am not a new fan but a long time one...since about 2002 when I'd shop at your Rehobeth Bch store. I love your clothes! High quality at fair price. I love that the majority of your clothes does NOT need to be dry cleaned. And I do not have to worry about saving coupons as your computers keep up with them & who doesn't love an extra 5%?! 😃 yes, I will message you with my info. Thanks again!
  • kwatson535Congrats @whbm on the new store @ mall of millennia! Can't wait I go by and she the new store!! WHBM#CHICOS#SOMA#❤️
  • whbm@Molliemoo93, We'd still love the opportunity to help you! Please give our boutique at Millenia a call to set up an appointment with one of our stylists! We'd love to show you our latest collection.
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