"Today is the 1st Day of the rest of my LIFE" #blessed #lovinglife #favored #free
  • porsha4real"Today is the 1st Day of the rest of my LIFE" #blessed #lovinglife #favored #free

  • granny_babiesNow you can do you love you on the show
  • eniya_bCongrats do u girl!! keep your head up. The man above has a master plan for u!
  • schizo1963He never deserved you!!
  • jennyblack78You were wwwwwaaaaayyyyy better of a person than he is! He wanted control and u wanted partnership. You can do spool much better
  • jennyblack78*So not spool
  • rickyroza_skybox@porsha4real Holla at me Porsha if you need a real your ex don't knows what he missing from a beautiful sister like you I admire you darely
  • teamporsha@porsha4real Blessed
  • melia1221Despite how upset Kordell is about how you are portraying him, They aren't lies. Everyone could see he was controlling you from the beginning. You will find true love with time. Until then, enjoy your single free life! ❤️😃 @porsha4real
  • igotthalook_sgrhoGod is good!
  • ladylibra542Hey Porsha4real I just start following you and cong on the good news you are a super nice women and I hope you find the happness that so deserve one day that real man your real man will come into your life and appreciate and take care of your heart aswell as you good lucl Lady and this is one God sister that really loves you God Bless !
  • ladylibra542soory for th t/o
  • aluragrace@porsha4real just finished watching the episode about you talking about how divorce feels like someone dying I'm going through the same thing and I cried when I watched u say that cause I've been trying to find the words to say how divorce feels and you exactly nailed it we are going through the same and your beautiful and strong !!thank you for sharing your story and strength :)
  • trustnoonebutmycreater@porsha4real God has given you favor and grace now walk in it
  • easmith3958You deserve the best.
  • tamyikazhotaldatimeGood for u lady.I wish the best for u
  • nichelladramaWell lawyer's on her ass she can't say it anymore I'll say it for her fuck dude sick in the booty ass dats a bad intelligent female and he is let me say it a bi=ich can't wait to see her shine
  • sheba.loveYou're in for a wonderful ride!!!!!!
  • jacque_walker25So proud of u@porsha
  • melissarevealedI really wanna support your hair line! Does it come in clip ins or would I have to make my own?
  • dee_dee417@jess2117
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