Neon knits. #ootd #neon #sweaterweather
  • debshopsNeon knits. #ootd #neon #sweaterweather

  • missjoybabei like the skinnies
  • reagan_armsteadI love that outfit <3 I want it lol
  • _dessttiny😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎀
  • saannaa95Love the boots
  • bhoward_16I want the shirt and boots
  • brikmI love the sweater!!
  • shinebrighttonight220Love it
  • saaammy5I need this!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • kelcimaecareyI'm in love with this sweater!
  • sarazwienerI wanted to get this but they only have it in the plus sizes:-(
  • gamers.respawnI'm so sad I after a week of waiting for my package I tried on the 3 pairs of boots I bought and they do not fit my calf and or my feet :'( buying shoes online is awful wish it would have stated about the calf and the pair of combat boots I got didn't look like no 10! Sucks that the Debs near me doesn't sell shoes...
  • nantucketgirl27i cant wait to go shopping..... going to buy like half of debs store!!!!!!
  • omallymarieI would rock this cute outfit! It is so stylish and simple. Lol I like simple :)
  • gamers.respawn@chantalc626 I have no problem with their clothes but itd be nice if they had plus size shoes too I guess because it wasn't true to size either and their probably sold out on the next size because the store nearest me doesn't sell shoes.. which is silly because to avoid like what I ended up walking into you need to try it on.. I spent $340-350 for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and I love all the clothing items I got but the shoes I'm upset about :(
  • debshops@s1eep1ng_beauty thanks for your feedback! If you ever need assistance choosing the right shoe size for you, message is on Facebook! We're always here to help!
  • gina.marie127deb is the only place I shop at love love love them!!
  • itsnicoleholmes@debshops I neeeeeeed this!
  • staceyalfit looks like the sweater is hugging the boots. 😭
  • armymom1977I want this sweater!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ @debshops
  • lishaddoxWill these boots be back in stock soon? @debshops
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