Now available at A limited supply of #black #DefenderSeries cases for #iPad Air. Do you have yours?
  • otterboxNow available at A limited supply of #black #DefenderSeries cases for #iPad Air. Do you have yours?

  • stagedDon't have twitter @otterbox 😭
  • conroypoultnayLiterally just heard about it :/ pleeeeeeeease send me one lol :0 sorry I missed it
  • otterbox@conarraw The contest runs through 5pm MST today! You still have time.
  • cesar_692My Samsung note 10.1 note
  • james.nagleI wish @otterbox made a waterproof case for the iPhone 5s 😔😞
  • __5280__Make more colors for htc one defender and commuter
  • rob__hood@j_bagel_13 they do it's not out yet though
  • bigblu49Buyer beware, anyone who purchases any Otterbox products from anywhere but from Otterbox are in jeopardy of having there warranty voided, I purchased a Otterbox defender case from eBay and was told it's a counterfeit thus Otterbox won't honour the warranty, when I first contacted the company concerning my broken Otterbox defender case I had to take several photos, it's from the photos they claim counterfeit, but I have my doubts, personally I think they're using the counterfeit card to renege on a claim,I contacted Otterbox through other media since with absolutely no response from them, thanks Otterbox, I like your products but Damn, oh well there's always Seidio phone and computer cases, they are water, shock & dustproof as well, able to withstand drops from a military standard....
  • bridgetmendlerfan9393I have it
  • otterbox@__5280__ Thanks for your feedback.
  • otterbox@j_bagel_13 We do have one in production. It will be part of the Preserver Series line.
  • otterbox@bigblu49 We're sorry to hear you've had a poor experience. We are always happy to honor the warranty for OtterBox products. However, and unfortunately, there are counterfeits out there. We send all queries about these to our Brand Protection team, and are unable to cover them under our warranty. If you have further questions please email
  • otterbox@seanmckenna42 Thanks for your feedback and the picture you sent over Twitter. We're looking into this!
  • logansterneCan you make an armor in realtree camo for the iphone 4/4s
  • otterbox@hunting_king2013 We don't have plans to expand the Armor Series at this time. We'll let you know if this changes.
  • eric_s___Love my ipad case
  • nathanlroberts19@otterbox How much for the coffee mug?!
  • alialmasoud@moller7070
  • chance_culp12This case is the biggest piece of shit that u have ever seen I have that case and it fucking sucks and it ruined my iPad mini 3 so there going $630 @otterbox ur cases suck ass and hope to let u know all these people should recommend a griffin cases because there not a piece of shit like your cases 😠
  • amerikinz14I ordered one!
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