#SEAofBLUE is Leafs Nation gearing up for the Winter Classic. Check out the tweet mural on mapleleafs.com.
  • mapleleafs#SEAofBLUE is Leafs Nation gearing up for the Winter Classic. Check out the tweet mural on mapleleafs.com.

  • dbyingtAnother one for the loss column
  • gil.penderAnd sky of green
  • rensworlddCan you guys win some games now? This losing streak is played out.
  • mauroteseoHow about a sea of wins
  • emeraldbrackenGood lucks guys on ur first day filming with HBO today! Can't wait to watch ur 24/7!!!
  • jayslice1Can't wait to see a win this is the time of year they always fuck everything up and then try to make the playoffs #geturshittogether
  • necktattsSoftest team in the league. Bozak out again now, Lupul, bolland, etc. These guys wanna play hockey or not? Bergeron is tougher than this whole soft team combined. Now put some cameras in their face and watch the divas really emerge.
  • noahjcalcagno@necktatts how do you expect someone who took a skate to the leg to play hockey? Lol. Lupul is injury prone, Bozak has been pretty durable. You can't just play through a leg injury in hockey. Legs are pretty critical to this little thing called SKATING!
  • necktattsBozak is soft. Bergeron played the SCF with broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a punctured lung. These guys missing lots of time with hamstrings and groin pulls. @noahjcalcagno
  • bortolussiHey ugh @necktatts I assume you are hard a fuck with some neck tattoos right? Bergeron played with those injuries in the FINALS. The finals. We are not even half way through the season here. If bozak had just 2 games left he would be playing too. He doesn't... He has the rest of the season. Untreated injuries will just get worse and worse. Bergeron had 2 games to play then MONTHS of recovery. Use your brain. Maybe stop getting tattoos on your neck?
  • necktatts@bortolussi I'll never stop tattooing my neck with safety pins and broken Bic pens!!! Prison style. Pulled my bicep last time and kept tatting myself anyway even though I had another self-tatting session the next day. Don't need to rest up like Bozzzzzzzzzzzzak.
  • escholzy@necktatts wow your so tough...or just stupid
  • _abid.hxyPlay better then maybe I will like.😤
  • c_michalopoulos😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • d_long35Let's go leafs #seaofblue
  • ethancooke19I am going
  • j.m_u3lGo Leafs Go!
  • mikedonald711Leafs rock,wings suck #seaofblue
  • olihockey14Lets go leafs!!!!
  • breezy868686@wellsey5150
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