Back in the studio! Creating is my favorite thing to do. 🎤❤
  • kandiBack in the studio! Creating is my favorite thing to do. 🎤❤

  • tyce22😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
  • paleicia@kandiburruss clearly, you don't read comments. I've written to you quite a few times, I write songs and I have one for you
  • xxtreme_loyaltyDo it @kandiburruss I'm be in there soon.
  • mscosperJust watched the last episode of #rhoa and I hope things are better for you and your family
  • grannycee1You go girl
  • 383strokergmc@kandiburruss You is sexy all the time, but i am on old girl side you need
  • nev_a_leeAre you and Todd still together we all want you to be happy but I really hope and pray your mom have your best interest because she not acting right at all momma Joyce was our favorite but smh at her behavior
  • nev_a_leeL
  • slayve_childHey luv
  • mzmone88@kandiburruss hey Kandi just wanna say hello and I do admire everything you do. I've followed you since your Escape days and I've gotta you're a pretty cool lady. I've followed Real Housewives of ATL since the very season. I enjoy it. Kandi if you are truly going through those battles with your mom then you have to be a little more firm and strong with her. I notice when you talk to her, you're often smiling and laughing but you gotta be firm. Your mom knows she can do that and manipulate you because you're not standing your ground. I'm not saying be disrespectful and fly off the handle but don't let her bring you down. You Todd and Riley are going to be success together and God will bless you all.
  • royalsoulives#kandiburruss What does your daughter think about this awhile ... Haven t seen monitored all season so far...ymmv
  • royalsoulivesMurder in his eyes
  • royalsoulivesPray and really ask God not everybody jealous besides everybody know um jumping @neneleakes
  • royalsoulivesSo no hate from ya Godbrother
  • royalsoulivesBecause mom didn't have a normal episode at all...and she was not acting she was serious.#trustMama
  • xj9_emtWhat's up put me on!
  • xj9_emt@kandiburruss
  • hoodbilliesmgnt@kandiburruss i need to get to kandy factory!! I need a hit
  • tweetylovesweety@meashy_boo
  • pintsumncrazyO gettin must music a around takein my Tyme soundin on but could jump over the moon and shoot for the stars if u no what I mean
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