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  • obamawhitehouseVice President Biden talks about Japan and the United States' enduring friendship in the first installment of his travel journal on Instagram. Follow along for more #BidenInAsia

  • schakkThe great thing about democracy is we elect our leaders and choose them based on our belief in their competency. Why would one leave because you don't agree with one presidency when you can choose a leader who is suppose to do what is best for our country? The mindset of "leave if you don't like it" solves nothing; it only opens the door for tyrannt. @sukinet22
  • thefalsekingSpear and shield I love you japan
  • billyhyatt23We have to get rid of both political party's to make America great again put Jesse Ventura in a presidential debate he would win !
  • benshap@liam_rowanskate widen your gaze. diversify the ways in which you take in news and information about the world. What is uncaring about wanting to insure 40 million americans who cant pay to see a doctor? To quote Leviticus and Deuteronomy, Obama is fullfilling the Lord's command to "be kind to foreigners in your land". In regards to jobs, while facing the worst recession in 80 yrs (caused by previous rampant and systemic deregulation and coorporate abuse) to date Obama has managed to retain a net + 0.23% jobs increase during his tenure. By comparison, Bush's 8 yrs were .21%
  • benshap@liam_rowanskate all of this in the face of a congress that has filibustered more of Obamas agenda than at any other point in congressional history. You may have him on the singing, but do you really think any President has wanted to sing publically. You nor I can hardly imagine the problems that man has, and youre worried about him singing
  • mwild1138@benshap right on!
  • evajivanwellsPlease come back with the answer to the largest unresolved global disaster in the history of the planet!
  • viviennemarquezGOOD ..AHI NO MOTTO...
  • liamrowaan@mwild1138 we freed the iraqi people from a murderer. He starved and shot his own people and commited a genocide on the Kurds and killed 300,000 of them. When we took down the statue of sadam the iraqi people helped the US and said they loved them being there. The us saved those people.
  • liamrowaan@jivanwells Biden is so stupid that be cant even come back with the answer of how many fingers he has
  • rkmr.mk阿部さんが映ってたー (*´ー`*人)
  • westonhsimsaw so cute
  • jacklinarios@ishrios
  • mwild1138@liam_rowanskate Supreme Court. A conservative one to boot said ACA is constitutional. Where ya been? Out wackin the chicken again or watching fox I bet
  • mwild1138@my420lifestyle too late. You sound like an 'ignoren' (sic) already
  • zhoont_My apartment is in the background at the end.
  • vladchristoMy apartment bad, too..
  • vladchristoMy apartment bad, too..
  • vladchristoMy apartment bad, too..
  • fernandospinoz@vp
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