One of the posters hanging around the house during this camp. #refusetolose
  • chrisweidmanufcOne of the posters hanging around the house during this camp. #refusetolose

  • 21civilian@pankcakecrew you needa shush that trap of yours. @diegoalmeida3101 your a joke. And both of you are really butt hurt!
  • lucianotr@chrisweidmanufc Spider drew blood from his face even underneath. You would lose that gained without merit and unintentionally
  • dedwinoCongrats on the win! But don't you think it was a bit unfair to be matched against silva again so soon? Dana wanted him to reclaim the belt so bad and now silva pays the price!
  • joao_henningANDERSON SILVA ITS TIMEE! 👊
  • niicolas_soouzaSe o belfort derruba o weidman pode te ctz q o belfort ganha!
  • mistervillanuevaHe should have never got a re match so soon. He is a douche
  • thechristianortizDude just stfu ! This was like 5 weeks ago @iamjiles
  • half_baked707Preach @iamjiles
  • connor_belt_@iamjiles u suck Silvia is awsome and ur not 😡
  • gabgustavWeidman beat Silva TWICE. the second fight almost ended in a GnP TKO. Weidman SMASHED Anderson in the first and second fight. Also people are calling Weidman arrogant?? WTF do you call Anderson Silva then?? its insane how stupid some ppl are.
  • 1hot_spatulaGreat motivational pic to keep you focused on what lead to the complete destruction of one the greatest fighters of all time. Keep it up Chris!
  • amandajsvKkkkkkkkkkkk... Esse aí não chega nem ao dedinho dos pés do anderson... Agora uma coisa seja dita: é sortuuuuudoooo!!!! Weidman, sai do UFC e vai apostar na megasena, que tu ganha certeza!!!! Tava na hora certa, no lugar certo, mas melhor do que o Anderson vc n é nem de loooooonge!!!
  • amandajsvGanhar duas vezes com sorte é fácil! Quero ver sustentar o cinturão durante o tempo que o Anderson sustentou!!! Tenho sérias dúvidas se o Anderson é melhor do que outros lutadores, como Jon Jones e o Fedor na sua época de glória, agora Chris Weidman?!?!?!? É querer comparar o Messi com o melhor jogador de um time estadual... ME POUPEEE!!! GOOOOOO, SPIDER!!!!
  • _deus_amnesiaFlukes for days
  • lilavoisbjj305_attLeave the poor guy alone already you ripped that guys heart out
  • german_in_da_cutSilva was playing with you in the first fight and you just got lucky in the second one because of his leg i wouldnt consider that as a win
  • drleighellisThank you and congrats for beating AS twice. His cockiness and disrespect needed to be put in place. Good luck tonight @chrisweidmanufc
  • mekenmkFuck Weidman ..... _l_
  • joaovitor_alcantara123@chrisweidmanufc
  • cabgil@kcabrerasg
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