Bonnaroo 2014 Pre-Sale is now underway... GO GET 'EM! #cybermonday #bonnaroo
  • bonnarooBonnaroo 2014 Pre-Sale is now underway... GO GET 'EM! #cybermonday #bonnaroo

  • ohstephroseRoooo round 3, see you on the farm!!! 🙌😍
  • steve_errlwinThinking about it @spaceyxcasey
  • orchestratic@kcb_omni Waaaay too many "bros" now. It's sucks. I still love bonnaroo but I was really disappointed this year when our $500 generator got stolen from our camper. That was when I lost faith... Definitely not how it should be there but there's assholes everywhere I guess 😒
  • kcb_stoopidYea it gets worse every year. Yea music is decent. Everyone loves to see legends play but in the long run the ppl make the festival. And b-roo don't have that anymore @orchestratic
  • hystericallyhorriblerelax you guys, @kcb_omni @orchestratic if you don't like it, don't go
  • hystericallyhorrible#radiatepositivity @orchestratic @kcb_omni
  • kcb_stoopidLmao I live 20 minutes away and I'm not goin.
  • whatsupwithjess@orchestratic @kcb_omni unfortunately I am starting to agree. And 239 for presale is what I paid last year in February. Tickets are going to be way more expensive and the experience is getting to be less worth it.
  • aninvisiblemonster@kcb_omni I've been to Waka, Electric Forest, Firefly, All Good, the whole shebang. Every festival will have asshole just like every city or town in America will, it's not like its Bonnaroo exclusive. You wouldn't believe the amount of tools you'll see at Coachella, or even Burning Man. The thing that will make any festival home for you is not letting it get to you and not to become one of those people, no matter what.
  • vikivalles@bonnaroo got my ticket! Round 5!
  • orchestratic@biancapaholak I never said I didn't like it lol.. It was just disheartening getting something stolen when you're in such a great environment
  • do_you_dreamI think it's a little amusing that people consider this too much for a ticket, or that the event is becoming too mainstream/shit. Compare it to an event like EDC, which even when is was in LA and not Vegas, was way worse or coachella which rapes u on sales. So many people have never even heard of Roo still. And that presale for a 4 day ticket and camp for free....that's a fucking good price. The vibe at Roo is EXTREMELY more laid back than anything in here in California- that's what makes me want to keep going back.
  • kcb_stoopidIf the fest is mainstream then so is the ppl. Period
  • _gogozombie@orchestratic Bros is the perfect word for it nowadays. Last year Roo was infested with them
  • orchestraticLol @_gogozombie right. By "bros" I mean the ones that are only there to do Molly and wave glow sticks in your face at the wrong time. During Tom petty this year there was a herd of them who started a mosh pit. If you start a mosh pit during Tom petty, well then you suck. Hahah
  • _gogozombie@orchestratic Yep for sure. There's always going to be those people but I'm seeing a growing number of them. It's not cool to be like that. Just go and enjoy the music, get down equally as hard as you chill. I'll be back to Roo but i hope the crowd isn't as obnoxious as last year
  • infinitelyinteresting@thunder_up_ Best Friend in the world!!!! BONNAROO here we come!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
  • biggie2002Let 'em be !!! Love one another we all there to enjoy ourselves in our own way
  • bstommieSo sick!
  • maiaagrace@salliefordmusic
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