Time to drink my 20/20(Carrot, Coconut H2O, Apple) before practice from the @thejuicespot spot. Grand Opening going on now.  1800 SW 1st Ave #104 Miami, FL 33129 #ItsALifeStyle #JuiceUp
  • kingjamesTime to drink my 20/20(Carrot, Coconut H2O, Apple) before practice from the @thejuicespot spot. Grand Opening going on now. 1800 SW 1st Ave #104 Miami, FL 33129 #ItsALifeStyle #JuiceUp

  • jake_hendricks2Can u please follow me @kingjames pleae
  • mr804mannDo yall guys ship? I need a case of this!
  • therealmrsjuvenile@kingjames My husband @juviethegreat is trying to get in contact with you🙌
  • lovethemonkeyOh yea I juice as well
  • will_sleeperI'm a bobcats fan but u played incredible tonight I just shook my head every time u scored @kingjames
  • _shamikia@icookueat_
  • young_lazyyHi lebron i love you as a basketball player and i love the heat ...i want to meat you
  • braydenalbrightMeet @young_lazyy
  • carlinealicia@___braysack___ Lmaaao 😭😭👆
  • avoiceoftheking@kingjames Public Service Announcement!!! You arent the only one going through anything! We all are Experiencing some type of Pressure! But I am here to tell you that its about over! Notice how you are still standing! Notice how even in the Darkest hours you still see some form of Light! Notice how God will never leave you nor forsake you! When we really step back we will realize that we faced bigger storms! When God formed us he placed in us all that we needed to get though all we come up against! The Call of God on our Life is too strong for any plan of the Enemy to overtake us! I Speak to your Mind & Heart and say You are a Winner! You Wont fail! You are a Trailblazer! You will never Lack! Your Children's Children's Children will never wont for anything! You will leave an Awesome Legacy! You will show the World who God is! The start of your Best days will be this Month! I also speak to Fear, Doubt and Insecurity and say Go Away! You are Awesome! I Speak to your faith and say Enlarge! There is work to be done! Dream in this Season! Write out your Vision! Set your Goals! Watch them Manifest! God is serious about you in this Season! Dont Quit! Greatness Surrounds You! Your Faith, Obedience and Humbleness will keep you! Many people will look up to you because your light will Shine so bright! Excited about what God is doing in your Life! Im in Agreement with God that everything your Hands Touch from this Day forward will Prosper! Its Your Time! Your Season is Here! Just Show Up! Go Get what God has for You! God Bless!
  • tyler.goss0@carlinealicia 😂😂😂😂
  • joetaneoCleveland tho
  • kortmattisonHaha
  • ir3.ne@alakristin #juicing
  • yamyam31328Mr James my name is Larry Matthews I don't know if you remember me but I cater to you at the Myricks house in Portland Oregon hit me up remember yam yam I watched you grow up to be a big old man now lol
  • alixserfMy man #james
  • gloveerrNo one is over here! Great job @kingjames
  • delete28979Luke all my pics
  • delete28979Man your awesoem
  • jwurz10_loePlease like or comment on one of my pictures
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