• motioncitysoundtrackFinally got the mail! Thanks for all the letters! I plan to respond tomorrow (to anyone who included a SASE). Feel free to write if you haven't already! -JP.

  • cacky_tpdWe're do I find the address to send stuff to cuz I'd love to send you a couple of MCT themed stickers I've bend thinking of making?
  • cacky_tpdOh!!! The answer was steering me straight in the face 😖
  • fizzymoon@cacky_tpd 👆 you can see the address in the picture!
  • cacky_tpdlol! Yeh I noticed the moment after clicking send @fizzymoon
  • irilove_xxLet's send him a letter babe! @stephon_joka
  • bizzyleoWould someone explain the concept of a SASE? Does that mean I have to send an extra envelope with postage for them to return a reply?
  • jonyduranSend an extra stamped envelope with your address
  • pirate_deniseAdventure Pierre or Motion City Time
  • dan_tyler_@peacelovevintage
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