The all important task of picking out a Christmas tree. Or as my mother insists I call it a "holiday tree" ★♥
  • emmyrossumThe all important task of picking out a Christmas tree. Or as my mother insists I call it a "holiday tree" ★♥

  • jaded___I didn't know you were Jewish till I saw you on a countdown of prettiest Jewish actresses lol
  • hugeturnoutIf you're not gonna call it a Christmas tree, why bother even buying one and decorating it? I'm confused...just buy a plant.
  • hugeturnout@rini1969 right?
  • veraisadeerBEAUTIFUL😍
  • xuxinzjubeautiful
  • ninaisabel40Keep Christ in Christmas ✨💖🙏🎄
  • ericeysWOW! So ridiculous, all she said is "as my mother calls it a "holiday tree""
  • ahmethasassen çok güzelsin yaaaaa
  • justsarahdotxD its just a tree... Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas! ( the "christmas tree" is in fact an adopted pagan tradition )
  • francescomouStupenda!
  • andbenloveI love decorating my Christmas tree with my family!
  • gmay_@jessikahbella I want a real tree :(
  • gmay_@jessikahbella ok you pay
  • fire350@danielle14321 All celebrated Christian holidays have Pagan origins. Yrs ago the Catholic Church took the Pagan holidays and made them their own. Question everything and your knowledge will increase greatly.
  • _tttre_Watching you in beaut creats, love the accent haha @emmyrossum
  • _resistanceisnotfutile_Sexy thighs! Sexy jew!
  • lisabellelove@thatramirezextraordinaire Anything outside of Catholicism is Pagan..
  • lisabellelove@fire350 CHRISTmas wasn't even developed until several hundred years after he died. And it wasn't even made a Holiday in the us until the mid 1800s. Christmas is celebrated at this time because the Catholic church wanted to incorporate the Pagan holidays (like Saturnalia) into their own. #education
  • frankemilioramirez@lisabellelove hence why I referred to Judaism as pagan...
  • zodavisCall it whatever Christmas tree, holiday tree.. Sure most people use it as a Christmas tree because it's a Christmas tradition, but people that celebrate other holidays should have the freedom to use them too. Call it what you want, no need to fight over it. -happy holidays🎅
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