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  • rihplies⚓️reply on @danielaevansss pic, 12 hrs ago. Thanks @nikkiv__ @cameronwhyb ⚓️

  • _annejaY da fuck do u all worship Rihanna ? First off shes not GOD . SHE can't sing. She doesnt write any of her songs . She a hoe . She doesnt wear bras shes violent rude to her fans and she can two fucks about yall while u all r obessessing over her and making her rich .yuh all r dumb fucksss ! @rihplies
  • _annejaYour a dumb bitch yuh stupid hoe @badgalriri
  • krushem..... @nuttyanne .....#chill if she's a non-factor for u..y do u care? jus breathe baby.. it's too much good life to b so angry #letRihLive
  • 06mel02Moose lmao. Cute **mousse
  • daisy_deb@melanieeeezee ha ha I was just going to correct @badgalriri on the spelling ,but you beat me to it!!!
  • kartrashians__@nuttyanne but yet your on a fan page! Obviously you obsess over her too on the low or you wouldn't know this account exist. Dumb cunt!
  • rihsredhair@nuttyanne why are you so mad ? 😂
  • rihplies@nuttyanne as you obsess over the navy, shawnte and myself....page 14 you're on right? Im not sure if its hate or jealously but either way get well soon. You spend a lot of energy on making account to troll. #1love
  • stan4loveI wonder how many pple hating on this hairstyle wrap their hair every night. Many have bought into the hype that that "hairstyle" should not be worn in public. Says who? SMH @ imposing your limited thinking on someone who lives their own life - not one dictated by society.
  • itsirems@nuttyanne who the fuck are you to judge? Get out dumbass bitch
  • bleachypeachyIs she wrapping her natural hair?
  • rih2dopeUr really becoming annoyin, if you dislike rih ohhhh so much why you constantly keep making pagez to talk shyt. I would Neva dedicate so much time to a person I dislike.. Like nevaaa everrrrrr.. let rih be great! @nuttyanne
  • nikkiv__@rihplies I luv ur lifffeee ❤️
  • finetoto@nuttyanne dumb bitch! You wish SHE was a hoe so that you and your whore mother can rub shoulders with her shadow! She has only dated 3/4 guys! On average 25 years old have slept with and dated more men than Rih! Fuck your coweb cunt bitch! The "she can't sing" shade is tired and she has proved you haters wrong with her amazing vocals and life performances which attracts the biggest audiences in history! Ri sings live unlike others who use their studio recording tapes and just talks over it! I bet you're mad your fav is basic and does not come close to ICON status! Eat your hateful soul out bitch! Go play in a busy traffic light if you're that bitter over Rih!
  • rihplies@nikkiv__ awwww 😘 thanks
  • badboyj_jU sure told her @youarenotasaint !! That was so funny, i know you're angry but 😂😭😭😭
  • rich_than_royal@nuttyanne find a nutt to swallow!!!! Whoever you stan for aint got shit on @badgalriri
  • xoxotitra@the_bighomie !! ...she kept her hair wrapped❤️
  • the_bighomie@xoxotitra wow didn't know this existed. Thanks 😘
  • xoxotitra@the_bighomie !! welcome 😊🙈😊 I followed, all I wanna see it Robyn replying !! 😘
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