PROTECTOURCHILDREN! We are accepting chronic levels of child abuse & not doing enough to reduce these figures. More GOOD people need to be able to LOVE & PROTECT children in need. Very good article in today's Sunday telegraph (page 17) about Kerryn Phelps, Jackie Stricker-phelps & their adopted daughter Gabi.  @barnardos_au #kerrynphelps #protectourchildren #helpreducechildabuse #barnardos #barnardosaustralia
  • sassandbidePROTECTOURCHILDREN! We are accepting chronic levels of child abuse & not doing enough to reduce these figures. More GOOD people need to be able to LOVE & PROTECT children in need. Very good article in today's Sunday telegraph (page 17) about Kerryn Phelps, Jackie Stricker-phelps & their adopted daughter Gabi. @barnardos_au #kerrynphelps #protectourchildren #helpreducechildabuse #barnardos #barnardosaustralia

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  • sassandbide@ash91 I don't agree about it being a biased article. It was informative and inspiring and shed light on an area that has little awareness for the general public. I'm not suggesting that we go and take all children away from their biological parents but it is a fact that too many children are being left in violent homes. My parents fostered many children for different lengths of time & often the children were returned to their natural homes once the parents were in a better position to take them back. This is a positive shout out not a negative one. There is little awareness about fostering in this country. If more loving/kind/stable people were available to foster, then this would at least help alleviate the high statistics of violence against children. Hx
  • ash91I 100% agree, but with support many parents could provide this. The article ignores attachment, it's not the biology CP workers are concerned with, it's attachment. Children, even from "bad" home environments consistently do better with their family than in care, and even kids who have been seriously abused or neglected, more often than not, yearn to be back with their parents. Obviously this case has a great outcome (maybe not so much for the biological mother) but many foster kids are shipped around from carer to carer, causing massive psychologically distress and potentially worse outcomes than if they remained with parents. CP is so complex and there are so many factors to consider, I think this article simplifies it and degrades CP workers who are the ones who are doing the best they can with what little resources they have.
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  • amarayoung1As a teen, I went from a private school, to a rough public school & it really opened my eyes. I was friends with kids whose parents didn't give them breakfast or lunch but sometimes tea, didn't care where they were at any time of the day, no money for clothes or food cause they spent it all on booze & also kids that were being abused at home physically & mentally. One of them was a good friend & it still pains me today as I felt his emotional pain too. Seeing how affected he still is today, particularly the fact he held such potential but that light was extinguished so long ago, it really is evident that intervention could have changed his future. Children become adults & these adults have children. So the pattern repeats.
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  • sassandbideI appreciate your comments & as you said the broader area of child protection is an incredibly complex one. My mum was a social worker with DOCS in the 80's & 90's & so an understanding of the complexities of CP was gained. I appreciate that there is no 'quick fix' to this problem, and largely it is the governments that need to support this area in a much bigger way. I do however wish to help raise awareness of the concept of fostering, be it short mid or long term as this still has its role to play in the broader picture. Thanks for your perspective Hx @ash91
  • sarinasurianojewelsThere is nothing more beautiful than holding your child, hugging them, showing them love, laughter, protection... All children deserve this. I couldn't imagine ever being violent to a child, neglecting a beautiful innocent baby, not feeding them or leaving them alone. When a child sees it's mother and father, their eyes light up as though you're the just important person in the world... And we are to them. Children! So beautiful, innocent, loving and a gift for us all. How can we not want to protect them. Love you Stella and Seamus ❤️ and love to her the beautiful children in the world xxx
  • ash91That's a long time to be in such an exhausting area! Much respect to your mum, I'm sure she improved the lives and situations of countless children!
  • sassandbideXXX @zoedimech
  • bachhara_amandaLove that your using your voice @sassandbide keep up the beautiful work Heidi! The world needs more women with a voice xxx
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  • justanotherfashionbloggerAmen! Love it when successful people play their part in trying to create a better society for our children. Such an inspiration you are, what a phenomenally driven and intelligent female role model xxx
  • deenandbellThankyou for giving awareness to those who don't have a voice, society must do better!
  • vicky_nortonThank you Heidi @sassandbide. I'm an adoptive mum (waiting waiting waiting for number two) so know a little about the subject too and my heart breaks for all the children who could be loved and nurtured and protected and thrive if only they got the opportunity to join the right family, a family they deserve. Very complicated area but you can't help thinking there must be a better quicker way to help the little ones who are not being looked after properly and never will be. Your mum sounds awesome. Probably where you get it from ;). X
  • jodiemenhenettSo true
  • katsu26Maybe the baby bonus wasn't such a good idea. Babies looking after babies @sassandbide. If people need financial help to have a baby maybe they need to rethink having them at all.
  • hannahelsafin_@katsu26 I don't think the baby bonus was a bad idea, not all parents who claim it need financial help but if the government is willing to provide some money it helps none the less, I think maybe there should be a better screening process for the baby bonus so the minority of people out their who abuse the system will not be given a chance to and will rethink having children
  • treats25I agree with you @sassandbide it should be easier for couples/people to adopt children. There are plenty of couples out there desperate to be parents who are having trouble and yet there are children out there being abused and mistreated by their parents. Something needs to change here.
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