HUF x @gpenofficial GFlask is 40% off today on #waitwhat #HUFxGPEN #BlackFriday #fuckit
  • hufworldwideHUF x @gpenofficial GFlask is 40% off today on #waitwhat #HUFxGPEN #BlackFriday #fuckit

  • devinferreira@colton_beard that flask tho
  • sauzeyI thought it was cologne at first lol
  • 123missymegan@yung_greez
  • ruokubzLol what I do @rip_neto
  • shhhhhut_dafukup@plagas
  • ruokubzLol my bad I don't want no problems hahaha @rip_neto
  • seppe_g@chuurro
  • moshighclothing@fotoaesthetics
  • mkingbeh@gpenofficial how many gcoils come with the pen. the product description says it comes with two additional gcoils. is this accurate?
  • milldogg@mkingbeh are you fucking retarded? No dude they lied it actually comes with a thousand coils
  • mkingbehbut seriously @milldogg are you retarded, a dickhead, or both? it's a legitimate question.. that is one hell of a steal if it does come with three coils. and it's false advertising if it doesn't.. so I'm asking the people selling it, or maybe even someone who has bought it will comment the answer. instead I get some lame fuck with a stupid answer and a private profile talking shit. you are an anonymous shit talking asshole, delete your insta and go hang yourself please.. what the fuck
  • mkingbeh@wolfdclxvi you must be as thick as the last guy.. yes I have read reviews and even watched a youtube vid of someone opening the package. I've asked huf and grenco on insta. the only thing I haven't done is call and ask what will be in my package that is ALREADY ON THE WAY. I simply was trying to get grenco to say in text that it should come with three coils as the page says so if my package does not I will have a point of reference for my customer service call. thank you asshole, are you too lazy to realize some people are two steps ahead of you? or just too fucking stupid. FUCK what is wrong with people, jumping on everything people say on insta that isn't an emoji
  • mkingbehit's surely going to come with at least one to get things going.. if it comes with the others then perfect. if not then I need a point or ref. for the call I would need to make to get the others.. either way I wanted the kit and was getting it no matter how many coils are in it. so why are you still asking me. was that supposed to be an intelligent answer. so @wolfdclxvi to put it into terms you may understand, 'no, I don't think I should have.' -_- #youareawesome
  • mkingbehwhy ask ?s, to know answers. the time that we get the answers isn't necessarily important. such as in this instance. I still would like to know.. and finally someone who has the kit has been kind enough to answer. @wolfdclxvi what point are you making other than you really wasted your time reading and responding if you never understood what and why I was asking..
  • drinksakiTru ^
  • billyfuzIt's not even that expensive haha @davidsupp peep the website
  • sergioamorales_@saul_chacon
  • saul_chacon😂 @insignificant_child
  • jade_sashaCoollll @f_dombrow
  • freddiedombrowbabe get me itttt @jade_sasha
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