Happy Black Friday! Let's get our buy one get one on!
  • zumiezHappy Black Friday! Let's get our buy one get one on!

  • rustinfiouziMetallica!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cirbeeEvery year bogo hats at Zumiez
  • dsoeyewear@dsoeyewear
  • v2.0Still got floral jonoskis?
  • scooch003Stoked on my stance socks and hat and shirt! Thanks Zumiez! @zumiez
  • bobby.nostalBlack Album-Metallica
  • jschep13Metallica
  • official.dloAre they having prices off on shirts like obey and diamond?
  • _markissmyass@the_hundredss you know damn well diamond does not go on sale
  • traps_savage@__aceboogy__
  • emilyjay1999Metallica!!!
  • zach_klein1Yeah you had bygo on so many items. You guys never put anything on sale
  • vreekfreekI work for zumiez and I've been skating for a while bud I think I know that's bullshit @s3nd_it
  • junkibrownbutt@s3nd_it I'm sorry if you had a bad experience at zumiez or another skate shop but all zumiez employees must be certified in skate-so we know what we're doing. Let's say you really don't like zumiez, for whatever reason, do you really need to voice it on a comment on instagram about our black friday deal?
  • junkibrownbutt@s3nd_it you clearly have no idea how retail works and don't have any real knowledge about @zumiez so I'm going to stop wasting my time. Ps. Thanks for admitting you steal from the company, I'll be sure to spread the news to your nearest @zumiez
  • st.salter@too_devin yes we do
  • st.salter@s3nd_it exactly you don't know anything about the come up abt zumiez or the background of the products that we sell. But most importantly we could never value what you have to say about the company if you can't respect the designers, employees, and committing a punishable crime.
  • seven_bubbleMetallica 👌
  • snareflaie@zumiez sponsor @0nga
  • 0ngaextrastrongaWhaaat
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